Ganesha with Mickey Mouse?

As I wrote last week I moved from a fancy service apartment to a decidedly less posh place for the last few weeks of my stay in Chennai.  At my previous apartment the sheets were plain white, as were pillowcases and towels.  They were changed each week by our cleaning lady Saraswathi who couldn’t stop talking to us in English.  She always called me and all the other foreign women “madam.”  The place where I am living now (it’s called the Bharat Guesthouse) we have a jolly cleaning lady named Saomira who doesn’t speak a word of English but is always smiling.  After I’ve been here for exactly a week I left the house in the morning wondering whether my towels and sheets will be changed that day.  I came home and opened my bedroom door, and burst out laughing.  This is what I saw-


I put up the pink mosquito net myself but if you look closely, you’ll see that my sheets have Mickey Mouse all over it and my pillowcase has bright red elephants.  A few things amused me.  One is obviously the Mickey Mouse print; Mickey is happily jamming on a guitar and standing is over what appears to be a CD.  I wondered whether there is a five year old Indian child somewhere missing his Mickey Mouse print sheets!?!?  The second thing is the elephant print, which reminded me of the Hindu god of success (also known as the remover of obstacles), Ganesha.  Ganesha, an elephant headed deity, is often shown with a small mouse or riding a mouse.  Did Saomira intentionally put the two together as a riddle for me?  Did she pick out the pink sheets and pillowcase to match the pink mosquito net I have over my bed?  I’m sure I’m reading a bit too much into it, but the Mickey Mouse sheets definitely made my friends and I chuckle.  I never had any Disney character sheets as a child and now as a grown woman in India I’m sleeping on pink Mickey Mouse sheets…

My Mickey sheets

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1 Response to Ganesha with Mickey Mouse?

  1. asami says:

    LOL how funny! I know that we in the west often say that elephants are afraid of mice. I know Lord Ganesh is probably not afraid of anything, but it IS a hilarious combination. I sure do hope that Saomira has a great sense of humor and thought you might get a chuckle out of this juxtaposition.

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