Next Time in Singapore I will…

Visit the botanic gardens- My brother went when he was here last and I had no idea of it when I came to Singapore for the first time in 2001.  Heard lovely things about it and would like to spend a few hours there next time.

Take in all the modern and contemporary artwork at the Ritz Carlton- I should have made a point of visiting the free art work at the Ritz but didn’t get around to it.

Shop along Haji Lane- Traveling with one’s brother totally cramps a girl’s style.  I’m not a shopper by any means but I felt bad lingering at any store with my brother in tow.  Will have to return on my own or with girlfriends next time.

I can't believe the building is for real!

Enjoy a large pepper crab (only had chili crabs this time) and eat at more food courts/ hawker stands.

Take another cultural walk with the Original Singapore Walks.  I loved my 3+ hour “Sultan of Spice” walk of the Muslim quarters with them.  Next time I’d like to go on “The Time of Empire”/ colonial district walk to learn more about the history of Singapore or do the nighttime Chinatown walk.

Singapore Flyer- We debated going on it this time and I’m still on the fence about it.  It’s Singapore’s answer to the London Eye.  It didn’t seem like the locals were really into it and I’m not really sure about it either, but it’s on the list as a “maybe.”

Check out Dempsey Hill- an area west of where we stayed with lots of restaurants, bars, galleries, etc., so I hear.

MOCA or the Museum of Contemporary Arts- on this trip we visited SAM (Singapore Art Museum) but not MOCA.

Have a Singapore Sling at the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel- When I was here 10 years ago I did high tea at Raffles but didn’t try the famous cocktail.  Having said that, I’m not a big fan of fruity drinks and I did read that they pre-mix the cocktail now and use an automatic dispenser to save time…  Not much fun or romance in that for sure.  Maybe I should opt for drinks with a view?  Something else to think over.

Inverted fountain at Marina Sands Shopping Center

For a country barely 3.5 times the size of Washington D.C. and my having visited twice, there seems to be a lot left for me to do still.  Then again, I lived in NYC for well over ten years and I never ran out things to do and explore there.  Looking forward to my next trip, Singapore!

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