Around the world in 7 months

After 7 months, 20+ flights, and circling the globe, I am back on U.S. soil.  The immigrations officer in San Francisco asked me if I’d been on a cruise because I had visited so many countries before returning to the States- ha ha ha.  It feels weird to be surrounded by English speakers again and while I somewhat like the familiarity of being here, I can’t wait to get moving again.  But first, I have to get over a really bad cold that hit me like a ton of bricks.  My brother was coming down with something towards the end of our trip so it was probably my brother who got me sick or maybe it was the long flight back.  All I know is that I haven’t been sick like this in a long time, certainly not while I was on my own and traveling.  It could be that I’d been carrying this around for a while but my body was just waiting until I could let it all go, until I was “home.”

Well, I’m going to unpack a little bit and relax.  My next few trips will be within the continental U.S., the first of which will be to Los Angeles on July 5.  Until then I will be writing up my trip to Hong Kong and throughout the summer I’ll write more about what I did Korea, since I was too busy having fun when I was actually there and didn’t get to write much.

In a way I feel as if I left not so long ago but when I think back to all the places I visited and everything I learned, it seems like I was traveling for years.  For the next couple of weeks it’s spending time with my family, watching a bit of American TV, plus planning for my next trip(s).

I think it’s going to be a nice summer.

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8 Responses to Around the world in 7 months

  1. so great to know you are not far away anymore. Hope we’ll see you this summer in NY. Can’t wait to catch up. Enjoy being home again !

  2. asami says:

    Yay — sounds like you’re on the mend!! I swear I too only get seriously sick when I’m returning/just returned from a big trip, and I wonder if it’s a combination of your body putting its guard down since you’re feeling “home” again, or if it’s all the crap in our food supply that assault the body after eating “pure” food for a long time.

    I’m in San Francisco from 6/30 – 7/5 but will probably be without a car and busy with my 3 year old nephew. Let me know if your summer plans include hitting Chicago~. We have pretty good eats here too. 😉

    • dreamgolive says:

      You know I’ve never spent any quality time in Chicago, ever?!? Would love to see you and eat lots of yummy things Chicago is famous for….

      Feeling a whole lot better now. Look forward to catching up!

  3. We’ve been following your exciting adventures and experiences and we look forward to seeing you very soon for a memorable “Welcome home to NYC” party! Take good care of yourself and see you soon! Jean-Paul

    • dreamgolive says:

      Thank you JP! I hope to spend a couple of weeks in NYC before I leave again- it’ll probably be in August but maybe I’ll head up there for a few days in July as well. I’m sure you and Christiane are circling around Manhattan on your bikes, and having a fabulous summer. I miss you guys and the city. See you soon!

  4. Raymond Lau says:

    Back in the US! hi! 🙂

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