Planning to travel again

Tomato season

I returned from my trip to California to find Grandma’s cucumber vines starting to thin out.  But as nature takes its course on one another wonderful thing has come into its spotlight- I was thrilled to see that the tomatoes are now in full season.  Grandma likes to pick them while they’re still orange but I asked if I could have some of them ripening on the vines, and she agreed.  I’ve been picking the reddest of them each morning and eating as many as I possibly can.  Although my Grandma says that it’d be cheaper to just buy them (the water bill gets astronomically high), there really is no joy like growing your own vegetables and watching the daily miracles that happen.  We have so many tomatoes and green peppers now that today, we’re giving them away to neighbors and friends…  so great!

So fresh and so good good

I spent the past week watching our tomatoes ripen, trying to get back in shape (I had too much fun eating in CA), catching up on some administrative work (i.e. finally filed my 2010 taxes), and planning for the next 6-10 months.  I’m sticking to my original plan of brushing up on my Spanish and settled on going to Merida, Mexico in September for a couple of months.  And now I also know that I’ll be going to the Galapagos Islands on a National Geographic Expedition boat in late November.  I’m still unsure about stopping in Brazil on the way down to Argentina in December, but at least I’ve booked my tickets to Mexico and I even have a cabin number for the National Geographic Expedition boat for the Galapagos Islands.

But before all that, I’m off to Santa Fe next week with my family.  I did a lot of research for this trip since I’ll be traveling with my parents and I will have to be responsible for what we do, where we sleep, what we eat, and how we get there.  I remember when I used to just follow my parents as they took charge of vacation plans…  I suppose that was a long time ago.

I have a lot more planning to do now that I have about 7 weeks before I take another long trip but I will enjoy the shorter trips I’ll be making before then.  I will have to spend some time in New York for certain and since my aunt and uncle will be visiting for a month we’ll sure to take some day trips as well.  Hmmm…  what else can I squeeze in?

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