Home is Where Your Heart Is

I spent happy and perfectly blissful few days in New York and when it finally rained on Sunday I knew it was time to head back to Pennsylvania.  Paula stayed over at Janice’s with me after a full day of eating and drinking our way through downtown Manhattan, and spent the morning playing with the kids and having a leisurely breakfast with everyone.  Janice tried to have me stay longer, using the bad weather as an excuse (bless her heart) but the pouring rain felt to me a sign that all good things come to an end.  I had an incredible run of the most amazing New York weather while I was there and asking for more would have just been ridiculous.

But my perfect return tour of New York got even better with an offer from Sammy to drive me to Penn Station in his Maserati.  Since hearing all about the Italian beauty they’ve been sporting around town since January both Paula and I didn’t hesitate to accept.  So with promises for one more visit to NYC before I take off for Mexico in September we ran out into the rain to jump in Sammy’s lean, mean, driving machine.

Sammy had told us how he often gets men giving him enthusiastic “thumbs up” as he drives his car and we could see why.  Sammy’s “other woman” was a dangerous looking knockout.  She reminded me of a dark gray shark that swims stealthily and confidently in the deep ocean.  I don’t know anything about cars but I felt my heart flutter when Sammy started the engine and the vibrations from the roar jolted through my body.  Whenever the light switched from red to green Sammy propelled us forward with such force that made me jump a little in my seat.  We made the mistake of driving down 5th Avenue from the Upper East Side on a Sunday (August + Sunday + NYC = a parade of some kind) but even the mad traffic that blocked us at every turn didn’t phase us.  It was rather fun being in that car for almost an hour, which is how long it took us to reach Penn Station from UES.

I really did have a great time seeing my friends and feeling my way around New York again.  I don’t think I knew how much I missed them until I came back to the city.  I may not have a physical home in New York anymore but as the old saying goes, “home is where your heart is.”  I think no matter where I go in the world, New York will always have my heart and will be my home.

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  1. Where is the picture with you in the Maserati?

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