Northern Winds

We’ve finally had a few almost-comfortable days in Merida where the humidity level didn’t spike past 80%.  I actually woke up yesterday morning with some dark clouds in the sky, it may have been the first and only day without the strong Yucatecan sun beating down on me at 7AM.  Doña Gloria says it’s the northern winds that are bringing some of the cooler weather to us in Merida.  I was so happy about the cloudy skies and a bit of breeze that I decided to walk home after school yesterday.  The air quality wasn’t the best as I had to walk along some of the major avenues in the city with endless streams of cars and buses, but I thoroughly enjoyed my stroll.  I’m feeling a bit out of shape so I’m hoping we’ll have more days like this and I can walk around everywhere.

Doña Gloria and her husband Jose Luis both thought I was a bit nuts for walking home, especially since public transportation is so cheap here.  Regardless of the distance traveled all buses and colectivos/conbis cost just 6 pesos (~$0.50) in the city.  Students and seniors pay half, 3 pesos per ride.  Most of the buses are pretty old, there is no air conditioning (but the windows are always open, and sometimes the front and back doors are left open as well), and the seats are not all that comfortable, but they get no complaints from me.  The drivers are very friendly, and they even take bills and give you change.  What I don’t fully understand are the routes and the random bus stops, but I know where some of the stops are now and know enough to flag down the buses I need to take.

Can you spot the bus stop? There is no sign- you just stand by the yellow pay phone and raise your arm when you see your bus.

Bus drivers will give you change!

One of the things I noticed around town are these chairs they call “confidentes.”  You see them everywhere; in parks, along Paseo Montejo, in the main plaza, etc.  They are two chairs connected, facing each other for a couple to sit and chat.  I think they’re very sweet.  Merida is full of charming little touches.  There is a lot to like about this town…  I’m praying to the weather gods (maybe I should pray to one of the thirteen Mayan gods since I’m in Mayan country) for more clouds.


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  1. I like those “confidentes” – we sat in them back in 1994.

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