Breakfast of Champions: Mexican Edition

I love breakfast.  I can eat eggs and toast all day, everyday.  Last year I wrote about what I ate for breakfast while traveling in Spain (see that post here).  For breakfast in Merida, Mexico I’ve been eating all kinds of yummy things, thanks to Doña Gloria.  Breakfast is the biggest meal of the day for me here, mostly because of my school schedule.  I don’t have lunch until 2PM and with it being so late (well, it’s late and my lunch at the school designated “restaurant” is a somewhat heavy, traditional Mexican meal), I find myself not hungry for dinner most nights.  When I get home, I’m happy with a small bowl of cereal or a banana for dinner.  So Doña Gloria’s intent on making sure I have enough energy to get me through the day and prepares a breakfast spread every morning that rivals a lavish Sunday brunch in New York.

The locals here can be found eating tacos, tortas (taco meat on baguettes, ham and cheese on baguettes, etc), or chilaquiles (strips or triangles of corn tortillas deep fried and topped with salsa, cream, and shredded chicken) for breakfast.  Of course there are doughnuts, sugary cereals, and all kinds of unhealthy things available just like in the States.  But since I love all things made with eggs and I can’t get enough of fresh fruits here, that’s what I get from Doña Gloria.  God bless her!

Each morning I bounce over to the kitchen and find a giant plate of fruits that can include watermelon, grapes, apples, pears, papayas, melons, guyaba, mangoes, mandarin oranges, peaches, and bananas, along with a tub of yogurt, delicious granola, and all kinds of condiments.  We have green salsa, really spicy red chile sauce, honey, nutella, jam, butter, and what have you.  And I get a plate of egg-something.  Some days it’s a veggie omelette (the one pictured below had veggies inside and covered with a sauce made with green salsa and cream).

Typical breakfast for me in Mexico

Some days it’s Doña Gloria’s breakfast torta- half a baguette layered with refried beans, scrambled eggs with ham, and melted cheese.

Open faced torta

Yesterday she made me chilaquiles, substituting eggs for shredded chicken.  Last week I had the pleasure of eating “huevos divorciados,” which made me chuckle (huevos divorciados = divorced eggs).  It’s basically two identically prepared eggs (corn tortillas topped with black beans and sunny side up eggs) with one covered in red salsa and the other smothered in green salsa.  How cute it that!

Huevos divorciados

She’s promised to make me “huevos Motuleños,” which is a Yucatecan egg dish named after a town called Motul.  I understand it to be similar to some of the other Mexican egg dishes that start with the basics- corn tortilla covered with refried beans and a fried egg, topped with red salsa (which means tomato sauce), but these get peas, chopped ham, and shredded cheese on top.  Sounds good to me.

This morning I had two eggs with an unbelievably delicious tomato based sauce that had green beans and a nice spicy kick at the end.  I mopped up the sauce with a piece of toast and as if that weren’t enough, I also had a slice of hojaldra.  Hmmm.  Hojaldra.  It’s a sweet but savory pastry that I didn’t think I’d like but I’ve come to love.  At the bottom you find a thin flaky crust, then a layer of ham and cheese.  It gets topped with a flaky dough, brushed with an egg wash, and a sprinkle of sugar to make it extra delicious, and then the whole thing is baked.  OK.  It’s a breakfast pie and I ate a big piece of it this morning.

Hojaldra de jamon y queso

With breakfast like this I really could afford to skip lunch, but it’s Mexico and I have to take advantage of all the Mexican food I can get my hands on.  Needless to say, I leave the house very happy and full, feeling like a champion each morning.


Breakfast of Champions: Spanish Edition

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One Response to Breakfast of Champions: Mexican Edition

  1. My God, I feel already full just be reading this page. No wonder you feel the urge to walk back home after school.
    Thanks for sharing those very authentic Mexican dishes.

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