Recovering from the Galapagos

Beach on Cerro Brujo, Galapagos

I’ve been back on dry land for well over 24 hours now but my body feels as if I’m still at sea.  My whole world is spinning around me, and I’m wobbly and disoriented.  I’m sure motion sickness pills aren’t meant to be used for my current condition…  I suppose I just have to lie down and be still until this all goes away?

I had an incredible week on the National Geographic Endeavour sailing around the Galapagos Islands.  Because my brother planned this trip for me I did very little to prepare or even set expectations for what I was going to see and do.  It turned out to be the most stress-free, well-organized, fascinating, educational, and fun-filled trips I’d ever taken.  It was more than I could have imagined and a fantastic way to start the second year of my life on the road.  It feels a bit like a dream, not only because my body hasn’t recovered from rocking back and forth on the boat for a week, but because there were so many unbelievable sights, sounds, and experiences on this trip.  I swam with sea lions, saw giant tortoises, marveled at rare species of birds (including a one of a kind 7 foot green bird from the Philadelphia area, which was totally surreal), watched dolphins flip around us, toasted with champagne over gorgeous sunsets, and gazed at the stars.

Once I feel like myself again, I’ll post what I wrote during my incredible trip to the Galapagos.  For now, more water and then I’m going back to bed.

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  1. Tell us more … can’t wait to hear more about this incredible experience.

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