Tea Connection: A Healthy Lunch in BA

After yoga class today two of the other students (cool women from Australia and Denmark) and I went out for a delicious lunch in Recoleta.  We were looking for a place where we could relax and have a healthy meal.  They’d both been to a cute cafe called Tea Connection before and with an enthusiastic endorsement from our yoga teacher, we walked over a few blocks to one of the two location they have in Recoleta.

The look and feel of the place is quite modern and simple, with chocolate brown, sage, and white color schemes running throughout the space.  They were offering a new summer menu and everything looked great.  It had stopped raining so we decided to sit outside (that, and at 14:30 the place was packed) and have a leisurely lunch.  I learned from the other women that Tea Connection is a chain restaurant in Buenos Aires specializing in natural foods and herbal teas.  Their website says they’re fanatical about quality and from what could see and taste, they’re right on the money.

I ordered their lunch time set menu, which came with a vegetarian plate (spinach and tomato salad, pumpkin puree, veggie patty with cheese), a bottle of fresh juice infused/flavored water (it was lemon based), and a little bowl of fruit as dessert.  It was light, healthy, delicious, and for $53 Argentine pesos (~$12 USD), a pretty good deal.

There is juice in those bottles...

The other ladies tried the healthy plate (similar to mine but with grilled chicken and legumes) and a gorgeous looking salad topped with sprouts, avocado, mushrooms, and grilled shrimp.  They have a bike rack in front, which came in handy for my Danish friend who used it to lock up hers.  It looks like they make deliveries but with this location so close to the yoga studio, I might have found a new lunch place…

Tea Connection: several locations in Buenos Aires

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One Response to Tea Connection: A Healthy Lunch in BA

  1. Franco says:

    I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the tip.

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