Moonlight Yoga

Even with the best of intentions it’s not easy to keep up a regular yoga practice when you’re traveling.  I try to do something each day in my own way, whether it be a short asana practice in my apartment or a moving meditation as I walk down the street.  But I am the first to admit that the discipline it requires is not something I always have…  So before I arrived in BA I did some research on yoga studios and for the past few weeks I’ve been practicing at Buena Onda in Recoleta and Las Cañitas.  Timing wise the midday classes aren’t the best but I like the walk to and from the studio, and having a regular practice schedule has been great.

I’ve also really enjoyed meeting the wonderful people at Buena Onda so when I found out they were offering a late night yoga class with live music and vegetarian dinner, I signed up to participate.  If you’re familiar with the weekly Midnight Yoga at Laughing Lotus in New York, it’s just like that but you get a yummy veggie meal after the class.

I’d had a really busy week (I know, it sounds weird since I don’t work but really, I had a busy week) so I was really looking forward to an evening of yoga and spicy Mexican food.  The event was in Charcarita, a neighborhood I hadn’t visited before but it wasn’t too far from where I live.  As I arrived at the address provided to me at the instructed time (9:15PM) I had to look around to see if I was at the right place.  The building was on a corner of a dimly lit street; it looked like a large box made out of brown bricks.  It’s odd how so many places in BA is like that…  This was the forth place in the past week that I had to knock/ring the doorbell at a nondescript building to gain admittance.

It may have looked menacing and unwelcoming on the outside but the space inside was warm and comfortable.  There was an open kitchen, several large tables set for dinner, a fire place, and a large sofa for guests to get settled.  I met some of the other yoga students, a mix of residents and travelers, and before long we were summoned to head upstairs for our class.

The room was dark but on my mat I found a Gerber Daisy waiting for me.  Our late night yoga class was accompanied by two musicians, glow of candle lights, and calm tranquil air.  It was a nice flow-y practice with an extra long Savasana at the end that included a sweet lavender oil head massage.

A fun, spicy, vegetarian Mexican meal followed.  We started with corn chips, guacamole, and a cold gazpacho, and to drink we had pitchers of water infused with lemon, mint, and a bit of sugar.  The main course was vegetarian tacos with Mexican cole slaw and really spicy chiles (and something sweet, which I think was supposed to be mole).  The chiles were actually HOT – hooray!

To cool everything down, we were served watermelon granita with cubes of honeydew for dessert.  Oh, how time flies when you’re having fun.  It was well past 1AM when we got up to leave.  It was a lovely evening and I hope to do it again next month.


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