¡Qué Bárbaro!: First Month in Buenos Aires

No, I’m not saying my first month was barbaric.  It’s like saying in English, “that was ridiculous!” when you see something really fantastic.  It means “great!” “awesome!” “outrageous!”  I just find it amusing whenever I hear the phrase here in Argentina; I haven’t used it myself though…  maybe next month.

I’ve been eating well, if you couldn’t tell from the overwhelming number of posts about the food and all the restaurants I’ve tried so far (I have a bunch more to add to those posts).  But I’ve been also happily exploring the city, practicing yoga everyday, cooking, and meeting a ton of interesting people.  This past week was no exception.  Half of it was planned but the other unplanned half took me on a whirlwind of adventure with new friends all around the city.  It allowed me to cross off a bunch of things on my list of “to do’s” as I mark the first month of living in Buenos Aires.  How quickly time flies when you’re having fun!

On Monday I went on a walking tour of downtown (will write about these free walking tours separately), ate for the first time at a proper Italian restaurant since I arrived in Buenos Aires, took a break at the famed Cafe Tortoni, AND made it to yoga.  On Tuesday I met a young clothing designer who just launched her line here (and in NYC) for lunch at a fantastic vegetarian restaurant in Palermo Hollywood (that deserves another posting); Wednesday my outing was for a leisurely afternoon at Alvear Palace hotel for high tea and a stroll around Palermo; Thursday had me on a long walk to Barrio Chino and back, and my first milanesa in the evening; Friday was a long day that included some serious shopping, visit to a Kosher McDonald’s in Abasto, and dinner at a Pop-up restaurant at an art gallery in Palermo which was filmed for the TV show Globe Trekkers.  Oh, and also this week I had my first empanadas (plural) and my first dulce de leche ice cream (plural) in Argentina.  I’m seriously exhausted just typing this all out!

I didn’t make it to the Shakespeare festival like I had planned but can you blame me?  I canceled my weekend plans so that I could just practice yoga and chill out at home.  When I left the States six weeks ago to come down here, I really had no expectations or any plans for Argentina except for the first two weeks in Patagonia.  How I’ve changed from the person who used to schedule, plot, and organize everything down to the last detail!  I have a few fun things planned for this week, but I’m hoping and looking forward to more unexpected adventures and chance encounters.  I’m going with the flow of life.  Onto the second month in Buenos Aires!

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