Heladería de la Semana: Jauja

OK.  I said I would try a new ice cream shop in Buenos Aires every week but now that I’ve been to Jauja I don’t know if I need to go anywhere else.  This helado artesanal de la Patagonia is from El Bolsón in Bariloche and there are just two locations in Buenos Aires.  Luckily for me, I live pretty close to one of them.  Tuesday night a friend’s friend (thank you Clementine!) met me for dinner at the terrace restaurant of the Evita museum and introduced me to Jauja down the street for dessert.  I was told that Jauja‘s specialty is fruit but there was of course, dulce de leche.  The staff was incredibly friendly (it could have been that Emily lives two blocks away and is a regular there) but the other customers were equally friendly in pointing out and suggesting what flavors I should try when they found out it was my first time there.  A few insisted that Jauja was THE BEST ice cream shop in the world.

I chose dulce de leche granizado and crema de maní (peanut).  I also tried a bit of calafate con leche de oveja (calafate berry with sheep’s milk) and mint chocolate chip.  Everything was creamy, delicious, and not overly sweet.  I could see how people can take home a kilo of this stuff.  A family who was there told me that they always get sambayón and chocolate with almonds.  So yesterday I returned to Jauja to have sambayón and chocolate con almendras.  They don’t mix in the toasted almonds with the chocolate ice cream until you place the order because they don’t want the nuts to get damp and soggy- this is serious business!  As for the sambayón, it tasted just like the sauce you’d make – egg yoke, cream/milk, sugar, and marsala.

On their website Jauja lists 80+ flavors including mosqueta (white musk-rose), berries that grow in Patagonia such as calafate, arándano, mora, corinto (a type of gooseberry).  I’d like to try this flavor they call ananragibre, which is pineapple and orange with pieces of caramelized ginger.  They offer TWELVE different flavors of chocolate, TEN types of dulce de leche, and also have beer, cardamom, and membrillo (quince) ice cream.

Don’t be surprised if Jauja is next week’s heladería de la semana again.


Jauja: Cerviño 3901 (@ Lafinur) in Palermo near the Evita museum and Federico Lacroze 2239 near the Olleros Subte station in Las Cañitas/La Imprenta.  The smallest cone starts at 16 pesos (~$4USD)


Heladería de la Semana: Freddo

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3 Responses to Heladería de la Semana: Jauja

  1. lunasealife says:

    I can’t wait to go on March 15th! (End of my 30 days sugar-free!). Noooom!

  2. Clementine says:

    YEAH!! So happy You and Emily met up and experienced this great ICE CREAM happening! 🙂 X

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