Quiet Wednesday

I’m keeping myself company everyday this week and being quiet.  It occurred to me the other day that I hadn’t gone to see a movie or even had a meal by myself at a restaurant since I got here.  So this week, I’m slowing things down to be with just me, myself, and I.

Today I finally went to see Los Descendientes (The Descendents), a George Clooney movie I’m sure the whole world has already seen.  At 27 pesos (~$6) it wasn’t as cheap as what I used to pay in Mexico but certainly half of what it would cost in New York.  I thought it was interesting that there were seating assignments; well, at least sections.  They do that in Asia but I’d never come across it in other Latin American countries.  In Japan I used to get a specific seat or you could get a standing room tickets…  But last year in Singapore, my brother and I mistakenly chose to sit in the back of the movie theater which turned out to be designated for couples; the two-person chairs were like loveseats, i.e. they didn’t have an arm rest in the middle.  Anyway, the woman at the ticket counter gave me a choice of filas (fila 9 o fila 15, she said), which I had to ask her to explain because I didn’t know where she was going with it.  The rows didn’t seem that different to me but she said either in the middle or the back.  I chose to sit in the center (didn’t want to sit next to lovebirds again, just in case) but the theater wasn’t very full so I sat where I wanted.  As for the movie, I thought it was good and George Clooney was great.  There was a trailer for a movie with Jorge Drexler that I thought could be interesting.  I think it was called La Suerte en Tus Manos.  I know him and love him as a singer, but didn’t know he acted.  Making a note for myself now to see when this movie opens…

After the movie I went to eat lunch by myself.  I was thinking Indian but it was a bit too late for the restaurant to be still serving lunch, so I went to my go-to backup, Natural Deli, for a salad (lots of red lentils, spinach, almonds, black olives, ñum, ñum).  The weather was really too nice for me to return home, so I headed to my next favorite spot- the most beautiful bookstore in the world, El Ateneo.  I scored a comfy chair on the first floor on the balcony overlooking the aisles and aisles of books below.  With soothing jazz music playing in the background, I sat and read for a little while.

I passed by Freddo, Volta, Persicco, and God knows how many other ice cream shops I saw this afternoon, but I resisted the temptation.  Not even to pick up a 5 peso minicucu of dulce de leche at Freddo or the 12 pesos for 1/4 kg at Volta (see how I memorized the prices?  yikes!)  I’m saving it all for either Ducco or Tufic this week.

I wanted to loop over and take Libertador home so I skipped past the ice cream shops at every corner, walked over towards the Recoleta Cemetery and popped into the Recoleta Design Center for a quick peek.  Somehow I found myself in the back of the Centro Cultural Recoleta and got to see some cool murals that looked like graffiti art I’d seen on the graffiti tour from a few weeks ago.

When I left the house earlier today the forecast said 50%-60% chance of rain, but the day was turning out to be a good one.  I happily continued on to Libertador and crossed the pink pedestrian bridge that overlooks the Facutad de Derecho and the giant metal flower, Floralis Genérica.

This is the view of Avenida Figueroa Alcorta from the pedestrian bridge, with Facultad de Derecho on the right and Floralis Genérica in the background at rush hour/sunset.

I’d wanted to see the petals of the flower close ever since I found out the it “blooms” every morning at sunrise and the petals close at sunset.  I thought, why not today!

The sunset today was around 19:30 and I stayed until close to 20:00 without seeing the petals move.  The red light in the center of the flower did turn on before I left though.  As I was walking around the flower, I overheard someone say that the petals close slowly; I don’t know why I thought they’d just snap shut.  I did take a few photos as the sun was setting… and the half moon was rising.

A nice quiet Wednesday by myself, for myself.

El Ateneo: Avenida Santa Fe 1860, Barrio Norte, Buenos Aires

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7 Responses to Quiet Wednesday

  1. Franco says:

    What a beautiful post and the photographs are unbelievable. Great job. I love spending time by myself and walking around the city, it’s always comforting.

  2. Amazing photos! What vibrant color. Sounds like a wonderful day.

  3. lunasealife says:

    Awww… memories… 😉

  4. A Kokua says:

    Wow, please tell me how it is that you managed to never eat at a restaurant alone since you arrived in BA! Especially since you lived alone & weren’t working – which is my situation. Please tell me your secret, there are so many restaurants I want to try, but I would much prefer to have company while I enjoy them. 😀

    • so sorry for the late late reply! I made friends when I arrived in BA by joining a few different groups and doing different activities that interested me- Internation, yoga classes, aerial rope classes, etc – and I asked if the people I met if they’d like to join me for a meal. I didn’t take any Spanish classes there but I’m sure that would have been a surefire way to have an instant group of dining companions. Some people in BA, I kind of met them randomly. I met a fabulous designer at a puerta cerrada one night who introduced me to a bunch of fun places, I went to a Spanish-English conversation exchange and made friends with some locals, on a trip up to Salta I met an Argentine couple who lived in BA and we ended up going out a few times together when we returned to the city. Overall, I found the expat community in BA to be rather large and very supportive of each other- I usually try to mingle/meet more locals but in BA I became friends with a good group of international transplants. I have since met up with some of them in their home countries and have had a few of them come and visit me in New York. But I would really encourage you to try all the restaurants you want to go to even if you go alone- I eat alone all the time! I love having lunch by myself (usually cheaper and less “awkward”) and with the coffee culture and casualness of BA during the day, I think you won’t feel much discomfort. oh and lastly, I had friends from the U.S. visit me in BA while I was living there so I was also out & about entertaining them. Hope you’re enjoying your time in Argentina!

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