B’shert, Happenstance, Ishvarapranidhana

I’m not sure whether it’s Buenos Aires or it’s me or it’s me in Buenos Aires.  But I’ve had a string of coincidences or happenstance recently.  Last year around this time I spent an unexpectedly fun day in Mysore, India with a couple I met and wrote a posting under the heading, happenstance.

Two weeks ago I had a few equally unexpected yet fun-filled days because of a chance meeting.  I’d been living here in BA for over a month but for one reason or another not yet explored the historical center of the city.  I don’t know what prompted me but I decided it was the right time to join a tour that particular Monday.  Out of a large group of tourists from all over the world, a Brazilian couple and their American friend struck up a conversation with me and we decided to have lunch together after the tour.  As we were walking towards the restaurant I discovered that they were renting an apartment in Recoleta from a British guy I met when I first arrived in Buenos Aires (Liz, if you’re reading this they were renting from Cam).  What are the chances of that?  I became their forth wheel and spent a few unforgettable days with them.  Thanks to the three of them I had my first milanesa (at El Club de la Milanesa of all places), the very first empanada , high tea at the Alvear Palace, and they watched me proudly as I had my first dulce de leche ice cream.  I got to checked off a ton of things on my list of “BA to-do’s” with great people whom I now get to call friends, all because I went to a tour of the city on a random Monday after living here for over a month.

My new Brazilian friends dancing in Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires, Argentina. LOVE!

Last Tuesday I had dinner with a lovely woman, Emily, whom I was introduced to by someone I met in India a year ago (hi Clementine!).  The next day I met a Dutch woman named Roos at a bar where there were so many people I was shoved around a few times.  She was one of maybe 6 or 7 people I spoke to all evening.  It turns out Emily (from Tuesday) knows Roos (from Wednesday).  Emily invited me, Roos, and some others to Copa Claro, a tennis tournament I’d wanted to go see but had given up on attending.  OK.  So Emily, whom I met through someone I met in India, invited me to an event I’d wanted to go to, with a woman I happened to meet a few days before.

In the mountains of Wayanad, Kerala, India where I met Clementine

After living in this big city for 5-6 weeks I was itching a bit to have a change of scenery. Enter Tabitha and Georgia, who generously extended an invitation for me to join them on a day trip to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Last week during lunch I met a medical student who was interested in a meditative practice, and we discussed vipassana meditation and my wanting to do one soon.  Two days later I met a woman who told me about a vipassana center she’s going to outside of Buenos Aires where she’ll sit her second vipassana course.  I’ve been really enjoying everything here and know first hand how easy it is to get swept up in the fun of this city.  Meeting this wonderful woman and having her presence in my life has brought me an awareness of my inner self again.  It’s exactly what I needed.  I thank you for your energy and your spirit, Michelle.


Two weeks ago Ron taught me this Yiddish word “B’shert” (beh shayrt’), meaning “it was meant to be.”  Were Ron, Luis, Sabine, and I meant to meet?  Happenstance?  Fate?  Destiny?  Is this “the secret” or ” the law of attraction” at work?  Is there really no such thing as coincidence?

For a few weeks now I poked around and tried to convince my brother to visit me in Argentina to no avail.  He’s busy with work and barely has time to respond to my e-mails.  Just as I was letting the idea go and plan to travel alone again, a dear friend from New York sent me a note saying she’ll come down here next month to travel with me.    

Once more I’m reminded to set honest and truthful intentions everyday, and to trust in the flow of life.  I’m meditating on ishvarapranidhana.

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