Fashionista for a Day: BAFWeek

I used to live close to Lincoln Center in New York where NY Fashion Week takes place.  During NYFW a few years ago I was walking down 10th Avenue and I had the tallest, skinniest model run up to me and ask where 9th Avenue was.  Manhattan goes a bit crazy for a couple of weeks, with celebrities and famous models in town, parties all over the place, free champagne and macarons in Madison Avenue stores, and restaurant reservations become scarce.  I was all for the free champagne and macarons, but really, fashion week meant blocked streets and crowds of people in my neighborhood.  I enjoyed watching a few seasons of “Project Runway” but I never had much to do with fashion shows.  Well, I changed that today.

But first, my cleaning lady was coming by at noon today so I got out of the apartment and took a leisurely stroll around my barrio.  My neighborhood is an interesting mix of modern boutiques, classic buildings, bright colors, graffiti art, lots of bars and restaurants, and quirky stuff- I’ll save that for another day.  Today I walked over to Palermo Hollywood and treated myself to a spicy lunch at Sudestada.  I think they may have the best lunch deal in Buenos Aires.  Of course I’ll continue to look around but it may be hard to beat..  For 42 pesos (less than $10USD) you get: a salad or soup, a choice of main, and a beverage (beverage can be water, soda, or wine!)  For just 6 pesos more you can get a coffee to finish out your yummy meal.

I punched out little holes to make my selections and waited for my Southeast Asian feast to arrive.  It was the spiciest meal I’ve had since I got here; I emphasized “picante” and they didn’t hold back.  There were orange, green, and red chilies all chopped up in there and they were SPICY!  And with my tear-inducing main course, I very happily had my first bowl of rice in Buenos Aires.

In keeping with the theme of spending time alone this week, I ate my lunch alone and lingered over my glass of wine and a tiny cup of cortado.  I hesitated for a brief second as to whether I should go to this fashion show but I thought, what are the chances that I’ll see A fashion show and more specifically, what are the chances that I’ll ever see a fashion show in Buenos Aires?  So off I went to La Rural to Buenos Aires Fashion Week.

And I’m glad I went.  It was very casual (compared to New York) and there were a ton of young people, I want to say… teenagers.  In the main hall there were booths set up for various designers who had their latest collections for the attendees to see, as well as booths for accessories, cosmetics, and other beauty related vendors.  It felt like a small convention.  The actual desfiles or shows were in two separate halls to the side.  It didn’t really matter to me which show I saw since my purpose was to just SEE a fashion show.  So after walking around the venue and going through some of the booths, I joined the queue to see Juana de Arco.

Before the show started there was a lot of commotion around a few women who came in and sat in the front.  I guess they were celebrities but I had no idea who they were.  The show started with a woman dressed in a large neon green sweater singing (I recorded a short video but I don’t know how to put that here).  She held a big drum and banged on it while she sang.  It was very tribal.  As for the clothes, I couldn’t see myself wearing anything from this collection, but I thought it was vibrant, whimsical, and artistic.  The colors and textures of her clothes kept me interested in seeing what was coming down the runway next.  I particularly liked the blue dress on the right.

Something new and fun for me today.  The venue was nice (La Rural), and the size of the event was small enough that I could manage and enjoy myself without feeling overwhelmed.

I saw a cool fashion show today.  In Buenos Aires.


Buenos Aires Fashion Week:

Sudestada: Guatemala 5602 (@ Fitz Roy) in Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires

Juana de Arco: El Salvador 4762 in Palermo Soho and other locations in Buenos Aires, plus Japan (Omotesando, Tokyo), Uruguay, and Germany

La Rural: Avenida Sarmiento 2704, Palermo, Buenos Aires

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