Heladería de la Semana: Tufic

I walked past numerous ice cream temptations from the likes of Persicco, Freddo, and even Volta this week, to have yummy ice cream last night at Tufic.  First off, I have to say that the guys working behind the counter are adorable.  I don’t mean they are cute and cuddly like new born kittens, but still the word adorable comes to mind.  They all wear this uniform of jeans, black shirts, and red berets, have a twinkle in their eyes that say, “everything here is delicious!” and they are really really friendly.  Maybe eating all that ice cream makes them happy and cheerful.  I think they are adorable, “ah-do-ra-b-lay” as pronounced in Spanish.

Fine.  It could have been the hour (1:30AM) and I had a bit of alcohol in my system (a couple of beers and some Malbec), but I had fun ordering my ice cream at Tufic.  The place was packed and bustling with activity, but the guy who took my order was all smiles, patiently letting me try all different flavors (I couldn’t decide between dulce de leche granizado, regular dulce de leche, and super dulce de leche– I know, how would YOU choose?)  He made me a giant ice cream sculpture with the tallest peak that towered over all other ice cream cones in the 10 block radius and even posed for a photo for me.

Instead of going to another bar, I had nudged my dining companions with me to Tufic, two great guys who are ice cream connoisseurs from Europe.  Antoine, a glaciologist from Switzerland who just returned from 6 weeks in Antarctica, declared the ice cream at Tufic excellent while Miguel, a Portuguese scientist who was also coming back from Antarctica, dared to tell me that the ice cream shop in HIS neighborhood back home was better.  They’d each asked for different flavors than what I got and were more than happy to share; I’d settled on super dulce de leche (dulce de leche ice cream with dulce de leche, a double whammy) y chocolate amargo (bitter chocolate).  My friends were generous to let me have as much as I wanted of theirs- mint chocolate chip, strawberry cream, lemon pie, dulce de leche, and raspberry.  I thought the raspberry tasted a bit artificial but the lemon pie helado was AMAZING.

In hindsight I think Miguel was right.  The ice cream at Tufic  was pretty good but my heart still belongs to Jauja from last week.  Tufic was a bit more expensive than Jauja; my small cone was 22 pesos (vs. 17 pesos at Jauja) but it was at least 25% larger.  Antoine was done with his ice cream cone within minutes and Miguel polished off his cuarto (1/4kg @ 25 pesos) long before I got to my second flavor.  I’m such an amateur…

Tufic: corner of Guatemala y Armenia, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires



Heladería de la Semana: Jauja

Heladería de la Semana: Freddo

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4 Responses to Heladería de la Semana: Tufic

  1. I have yet to try this one, although I walk past it often. There is nothing cuter than a man with ice cream!

  2. Franco says:

    That guy in the picture is cute. Very cute. Ha!

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