Green Spaces II: El Rosedal

A while back I  wrote about how I love green spaces in big cities.  Sometimes I miss Central Park, and I’m a bit sad that I won’t be there this spring to see the grass turn green and the cherry blossoms bloom.  Now that the weather is a bit more tolerable I find myself in the picturesque Bosques de Palermo more often and I purposely walk on Libertador or on Alcorta just to stare at all the greenery.  On Wednesday I visited the Eduardo Sívori museum located inside the park and spent the rest of the afternoon walking around El Rosedal.

I walked across the Puente Griego, not knowing exactly what I’d find on the other side.  I knew that there was a rose garden there but I had no idea how large and beautiful it really was.

Just like Central Park in Manttahan, Jardín de las Rosas is in the middle of bustling Buenos Aires.  This rose garden has winding red gravel paths and is surrounded by shady nooks and crannies that show off more than 12,000 rose bushes.  There are enough beautiful colors and delicate petals to satisfy even the most ardent lover of flowers and greenery.  The grounds are perfectly manicured and when you add palm trees, birds, lakes, bridges, and evergreens, you can hardly believe you are just steps away from endless streams of buses and cars, and the concrete jungle that seems to grow ever bigger.  The sweet perfume that hovers over the garden truly gives the impression that this city should indeed be called Buenos Aires.

El Rosedal was designed by a French born Argentine landscaper Carlos Thays in 1914; there is another garden in Palermo designed and named after the same Carlos Thays (Jardín Botánico Carlos Thays).

In the outer circle of the Rosedal is the El Jardín de los Poetas, filled with statuesque busts of famous literary figures such as Shakespeare and Jorge Luis Borges.  There were families, couples, and strollers like me all enjoying the tranquility of this green space.  I saw a sign saying they have live jazz, classical, tango, and folk music there on Sundays (Sonidos en El Rosedal)- I’ll be sure to make another visit for that.

El Rosedal: check out the Sívori museum at Avenida Infanta Isabel 555 and walk across the Greek Bridge into El Rosedal, there is an entrance off of Avenida Libertador as well.

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3 Responses to Green Spaces II: El Rosedal

  1. lunasealife says:

    Beautiful shots! Makes me want to write about the secret garden at the Spanish Museum…

  2. Tab says:

    Great Pics!! 🙂

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