Finally! Good Organic Yogurt in BA: El Galpón

For a short time in my life I lived as a vegan but when my NY doctor told me I was severely anemic and deficient in vitamin D (plus a half dozen other letters of the alphabet), I decided to introduce dairy back in my diet.  Well, not all dairy products right away.  I didn’t want to live my life without cheese so that’s what I added back… until I spent 4 months in India.  India made me open my eyes to good yogurt and milk, and by the time I left that beautiful country I was eating more dairy products but this time, against my Ayurvedic doctors’ guidelines.  They wanted me to drink buttermilk and said no to all other types of dairy.  Have you tried drinking a glass of spiced buttermilk?  I say bring on the cheese, yogurt, and as I’ve been doing so lately here in BA, ice cream…

After I left India and Asia (no real good dairy products to speak of in Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore, but understandable) I was back to soy and almond milk, good cheeses, and content with thick Greek yogurt in the States.  In Mexico I had some amazing Oaxacan cheeses but terrible yogurt.  That brings me to Argentina where I find the lack of good dairy products more than a bit puzzling.  How is it that you have this proud country famous for beef, gauchos, and grass-fed cattle, and I can’t find good yogurt?  Why is it that they do ice cream so well but the milk, yogurt, and cheese are so terrible?

All that changed for me last week when I finally found good yogurt at an organic market in Chacarita.  Thank you so much to my friend M (happy birthday!) who told me how to find the place.

As I told M the day I got this yogurt, I had it for dinner with some pears and I had to go brush my teeth so that I would stop myself from eating the entire bottle.  Now I know where to get yogurt that’s fresh, not already sweetened, and tastes tangy like real yogurt should.  And they recycle the bottles!  I’ll be taking my empty bottle back this Wednesday and getting another yogurt.  Happy happy.

While I’m on this topic of organic markets, farmers’ stands, and fresh products, I thought I’d list the other places I’ve been to or seen around town for reference…



El Galpón: Open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9AM to 6PM, Avenida Federico Lacroze 4171 in Chacarita as you get closer to the train station.  Look for the bright yellow building (photo above) set way back in the back of the street.

Mercado Orgánico de San Fernando: @ San Fernando Station (Tren del la Costa)
Madero y Rosario (between Sarmiento and 9 de Julio), San Fernando;
Open Saturdays from 10AM to 6 PM.  Thanks to my friend E for telling me about this market.

Mercado Solidario Bonpland: Bonpland 1660 (between Honduras y Gorriti) in Palermo Hollywood, Fridays & Saturdays from 10AM to 8PM

Mercado Natural Punto Verde: Avenida Dorrego 1429 (between Córdoba and Castillo), Colegiales; Fridays & Saturdays from 10AM to 7PM.  Found this place by accident on the way to the Chacarita cemetery a few weeks back.  They were celebrating their second anniversary.  Yay!

El Rincón Orgánico: Bulnes 910 (@ Guardia Vieja), Almagro

Natural Deli: A few locations in Buenos Aires with small markets that sell organic and natural products; yummy salads and drinks at their restaurants.


Websites that offer home delivery:

Jardín Orgánico you can shop for organic products online, they also offer organic catering, and have a blog.

Tallo Verde for organic produce delivery,

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2 Responses to Finally! Good Organic Yogurt in BA: El Galpón

  1. lunasealife says:

    Ooooh, that yogurt!!! 😉 I’ve got a greek yogurt with honey from Whole Food’s downstairs in the fridge… nooom…

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