Heladería de la Semana: Dylan

I had my beautiful girlfriend N come down from NYC for a visit last week and it took a full day for me to recover from our three non-stop days of fun in Buenos Aires.  Along with countless bottles of champagne, Malbec, and Torrontes we drank, we had ice cream and steak everyday- that post is coming soon because if I don’t write it down now, it’s going to be so hazy and fuzzy soon (it already is, kind of) and I’m going to forget everything.  Anyway.  I had one of the most delicious and fun flavors of ice cream at Dylan in San Telmo with N, and it is my ice cream shop of the week.

After a phenomenal meal at Café San Juan (both N and I quietly squealed like little girls when we made eye contact with the hot chef, Leandro Cristóbal), we strolled the cobblestone streets of San Telmo for a while.  We were going to try Nonna Bianca or Dylan, and decided Dylan was it for us (rest assured, I’ll return for Nonna Bianca another day).  I did a bit of research ahead of time so I knew I wanted to get chocolate patagónico, a unique flavor Dylan offers which is a combination of chocolate and dulce de leche, with a hint of cointreau, mixed with bonbons filled with dulce de leche and tiny white chocolate cookies.  N and I shared a cuarto (1/4kg, three flavors) of chocolate patagónico, dulce de leche granizado, and tiramisu.

Chocolate patagónico was the hands down winner.  It was creamy and chocolate-y and crunchy all at once.  It’s all unbelievably good but as my friend N pointed out, Chungo does dulce de leche better (I think Chungo‘s dulce de leche is the best I’ve tasted so far).  If there is another visit to Dylan for me in the future, I’d like to try mantecol (kind of a butterfinger-like candy bar) chocolate ferrero rocher, kinotos al wisky (kumquat soaked in whiskey), higos con nuez (figs with walnuts), and ananá al champagne (champagne pineapple).   Fun flavors, right?


Dylan: Perú 1086 in San Telmo



Heladerías de la Semana: Freddo y Chungo y Volta y Tufic

Heladería de la Semana: Tufic

Heladería de la Semana: Jauja

Heladería de la Semana: Freddo

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