Thinking of Girlfriends: San Francisco Nov 2011

Are girlfriends better than brothers?  My brother is great and I love him, but there is something about hanging out with your girlfriends.  Maybe it’s because I don’t have any sisters, but with a recent visit from N, saying goodbye to two girlfriends from Sidney, and spending time with two lovely ladies from California this week made me think of my girlfriends back in the States.  More specifically, my thoughts went to the last trip I took to San Francisco before going to the Galapagos Islands in November, 2011.  I flew out to see my brother but since he had his buddies in town for a big Stanford game, I went up to San Francisco to see my own buddies and to eat/drink our way through yet another fun city.  After the trip I had this post drafted but never finished..  as I was re-reading it today I was struck once again by the limited variety of ethnic cuisines in Buenos Aires and how much I’m missing certain flavors and tastes.  But most importantly, my girlfriends…   I’m thinking of all of them today but particularly of Sandy who is kicking some serious butt at work (check out her Stella & Dot facebook page) and in NYC this afternoon to ring the closing bell at NASDAQ.  She’s amazing!

It’s a bit silly now to look back at this food diary, but I remember feeling so fortunate to have my SF base in SOMA and to have PW there to greet me with wine, cheeses from Cowgirl Creamery, and great breads from Acme Bread.  It was a great start to our reunion..  By the end of the evening we’d gone through 3 bottles of wine (AT joined us later) and visited Marlowe across the street for some grub as well.  Marlowe reminded me a bit of Marlowe & Sons in Williamsburg, NY with their food but the decor was brighter and more modern.  We dined on brown butter brussels sprouts, roasted bone marrow, baked oysters (comped thanks to AT’s waiter friend), and their famous burgers (can’t compete with NY burgers though!).

The next morning I had my first cup of Philz coffee, which was a revelation.  Wow!  My cup of “Aromatic Arabic” was hand brewed just for me while I waited and when if was done, the friendly barista asked me to taste it to make sure I liked it.  If not, she’s make it again.  I’m not a real coffee drinker and I don’t know much about coffee but, it was fantastic.  I thought Peets coffee was good… well!  Philz goes up there with Stumptown and Blue Bottle.  I miss it now especially here in BA, where a good cup of coffee is a rarity.  I’ve been recently tipped off about a coffee place in Recoleta, which my Australian friends tell me is good.  My girlfriend N brought me some Colombian coffee from NY last week so I’m better now, but when did I become such a coffee drinker?  Maybe it started with Philz in SF.

Oh, San Francisco and your Vietnamese food.. and Chinese… and Italian, and Thai, and Indian, and Mexican!  I could go on but I think I’m going to stop.  Below is a list of places my girlfriends and I went to in… I want to say 3 days?  4 days?  This doesn’t include the artisanal tofu factory in Oakland and the fabulous dinner I had there (that post is also in my draft box)…

I’m remembering the fun I had with PW and AT, especially the wonderful lunch at Cotogna where we feasted on a giant ravioli filled with farm eggs, tagliolini with Dungeness crab and meyer lemon, pumpkin pizza with lardo and pecorino, and two bottles of prosecco.  The three of us spent the day together, laughing about how we couldn’t possibly eat any more…

And thanks to my lovely and stylish girlfriend & fellow a cappella singer from University, Sandy, for taking time out of her busy schedule to have dim sum with me at Yank Sing.  I’m so proud of her for all the hard work she’s put in- can’t believe she got to ring the closing bell on Wall Street today!

Rainbow over Bay Bridge, San Francisco, Nov 2011

I hope to see you all again in a few months in San Francisco.  Besos y abrazos desde Buenos Aires…


Dining in San Francisco: November, 2011

Marlowe: (American) 330 Townsend Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

Turtle Tower: (Vietnamese) 631 Larkin Street  San Francisco, CA 94109-7925

Yank Sing: (Chinese) 101 Spears (@ Mission) in Rincon Center, San Francisco, CA; 49 Stevenson St., San Francisco, CA

Zero Zero: (Italian) 826 Folsom Street  San Francisco, CA 94107

Cotogna: (Italian) 490 Pacific Avenue  San Francisco, CA 94133-4610

Dosa: (Indian) 995 Valencia Street  San Francisco, CA; 1700 Fillmore (@ Post)., San Francisco, CA 94115

Chairman Bao Bun Truck:

Blackbird: (Bar) 2124 Market St  San Francisco, CA 94114

Churchill: (Bar) 198 Church St  San Francisco, CA 94114

Lers Ros: (Thai) 730 Larkin St (Tenderloin), 307 Hayes (between Gough St & Franklin St)., San Francisco, CA 94102



Dining in Silicon Valley: Baumé

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11 Responses to Thinking of Girlfriends: San Francisco Nov 2011

  1. Anastasia says:

    Love your post, and love your restaurant choices. I’d kill for some Turtle Tower pho right now!

    • dreamgolive says:

      pho!!!!! Pho is probably the first thing I will have when I get to SF. My girlfriends picked the restaurants for me but Turtle Tower is one place we always go. I’m munching on an apple right now and trying not to think too much about a bowl of hot noodle soup. 🙂

  2. Franco says:

    Awwww…. friendships. Nothing better.

    • dreamgolive says:

      hi Franco.. yeah, I’m missing my girlfriends today… but I have a friend coming for a visit in two days! Hope you’re well!

      • Franco says:

        There are days where I miss my friends terribly, but they pass. I can’t complain too much, I’m in BA! Wait, maybe I could complain more…. I’m good! Great post.

  3. Best city in the whole world…

    • dreamgolive says:

      I’m slightly partial to Manhattan but I have to say that SF gets my vote for Vietnamese, Chinese, and Mexican food, not to mention the friendly locals, and proximity to all the natural beauty that surrounds the city. I would love to spend more time in San Francisco and really get to know the city better. Really looking forward to going back there in a few months… thanks for stopping by!

  4. Amazing picture of the Golden Gate Bridge!

  5. lunasealife says:

    So I’ve decided you and I should just be lesbians and get married and travel the world yogaing and eating and writing.

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