For Love of Argentina: Bandera Nacional

Argentines are proud of their traditions, their culture, their way of life, their country, and of their flag.  I see the Argentine flag everywhere, all the time.  It’s as if everyday is Independence Day and the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games.  I won’t be here to see it myself but I’m curious as to whether there would be even more flags on June 20th, Día de la Bandera Nacional, a holiday dedicated to the Argentine flag and its creator, Manuel Belgrano (June 29 marks the anniversary of Belgrano’s death in 1820).

“More and bigger” seems to be the common theme here when it comes to the Argentine flag.  It’s rare to find just one flag flying high on government buildings, and there are GIANT Argentine flags that make me tilt my head and stare with absolute awe.  But it’s not just government buildings and public spaces; Argentine flags can be seen around regular businesses, apartments, and private houses everyday of the week.

The small Argentine flag below the larger one (behind the largest one), flying above Casa Rosada indicates that Presidenta Cristina is in the building

Entrance to Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo, a horse racing venue

San Telmo antique market

If it’s not the actual flag, it’s the unmistakable white and blue wrapped around fences, painted on buses, side of kiosks, walls, and used as primary color scheme for storefront displays.

A very patriotic ham store in Belgrano

I think I’m going to get a little Argentine flag for myself…  Oh, Argentina!

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