Easter Sunday in BA: Brunch and Polo

I wasn’t sure whether anything would be open or function normally this past week because we had three bank holidays in Argentina leading up to Easter Sunday yesterday.  But R and I had a fun week in the city filled with a bit of everything.  R took two tours on her own, and she’s out and about without me now.  But the two of us walked all over Microcentro, Retiro, and Recoleta, took two aerial silk classes, finally made it to MALBA (ironically the permanent collection of Latin American art was on loan in Houston, Texas and a new exhibition entitled “Bye Bye American Pie” featuring major American artists such as Basquiat and Barbara Kruger, etc. was being featured), went to the other side of town for La Boca, Fundacion Proa, and Puerto Madero, had a ton of fun eating out (Báraka, El Peruanito Ray, El Preferido, Freud & Fahler, Caseros, Malvón, La Dorita, Tea Connection, Natural Deli, oh my the list goes on), an afternoon of outlet shopping in Villa Crespo, and a closed-door dinner at Casa SaltShaker Saturday night.  We’ve been busy!  No wonder R feels as if she’s been here for months.  Yesterday we definitely needed to chill and relax.

I slept in until 10 after getting home late from Casa SaltShaker.  I could tell that R was feeling tired and groggy, maybe a bit hungover.  5 glasses of wine plus a cocktail- that’s more than a bottle of wine each of us had Saturday night.  We needed brunch.  It was another beautiful day in Buenos Aires, and I wanted to be sitting somewhere quiet, green, and pretty.  So we dragged ourselves over to Home, a cute boutique hotel in Palermo Hollywood.

We plopped down in little white pod chairs that were low to the ground and snuggled in.  It only took a few minutes for us to feel a whole lot better.  Soon my little bottle of champagne and R’s mimosa showed up at our table, and well…  ahhhhhh.

After a leisurely brunch of poached eggs & some greens (me trying to eat a bit healthier) and steak & eggs (hangover remedy for R), I was ready for some polo but R was not.  The real polo season was over by the time I arrived in Argentina but there has been some polo activity in the last few weeks in Palermo.  I wanted to see at least one polo match while I was in Argentina so I headed to the polo fields by myself to watch the finals of La Serie Internacional between Chile and Argentina.

As I said, it was a gorgeous day in Buenos Aires and I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon to watch a polo game.

Hi horses!

Ivy covered stands at campo de polo en Palermo

I'm obsessed with the big blue sky here in Buenos Aires

There wasn’t a big crowd for this finals game but it was fun anyway.  Somehow I ended up sitting in the Chilean family and friends’ section who were hard at work cheering their fathers and husbands with lots of loud screams for Chile!

But Argentina came away the winner in the end.  Unlike the polo games I’d been to in the States, this match had a lot less fanfare and festive ambiance- I suppose the ones I went to were really social gatherings and not competitive tournaments.  The focus here was on the polo playing rather than the big fancy hats, champagne, and picnics.  I really enjoyed watching how skillfully these players maneuvered and rode their magnificent horses.  When they galloped across the field I could almost feel and hear their hearts pumping.  I loved it!

Tomorrow I’m off to Mendoza.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the Andes and the beautiful bodegas of Argentina’s most famous wine region.  I hope to return to BA with lots of photos and maybe a delicious bottle of wine (or two).


Home Boutique Hotel: Friendly staff, great spot for drinks, brunch, and fab spa; Honduras 5860, Palermo Hollywood

Asociación Argentina de Polo: I think the polo fields are quite beautiful…  Campo de Polo en Palermo (at Dorrego and Libertador)

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3 Responses to Easter Sunday in BA: Brunch and Polo

  1. lunasealife says:

    I miss you!!! But I’m loving the fresh air and space and silence here in Patagonia. Life is quite different than in BA but I think it’s going to be good for me. I feel like I’m living on the western frontier circa 1910! 😉

    Besos gigante!

  2. fromo says:

    Where were you able to practice aerials silks in BsAs? I have been searching for a place all week that does not require a monthly subscription.

    • Hi there. Sorry to get back to you late- I was away- I go to a place in Las Cañitas and there you can pay per class. If you just want to take individual classes it costs 40 pesos per class. If you like it, you can sign up for a month (4 classes, one per week, 140 pesos or 8 classes, two per week, 180 pesos). The gym is on Chenaut 1940- go to the back of the building. I take classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning at 11AM, but they have multiple classes and several different teachers. Here is a link to Aire Arte`s facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002008944576&sk=info

      It’s a lot of fun!

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