Just Around the Corner

and—– I’m back.  I had a fantastic week in San Francisco and I’m now spending some time at my parents’.  There is nothing I need to do or have to do (except for my taxes and some family stuff), but it’s funny and a bit sad how lazy I can be- I haven’t kept up with this blog at all!  What I have been better at is trying to get back in shape.  Given how much I ate in Argentina it’s no surprise that I gained a bit of weight (there are still at least a half dozen more posts about food to come).  I also ate ridiculously well in San Francisco (yup, more posts on that to come as well) so for the past few days I’ve been doing my own little fruit based detox to cleanse my system.  I’m on my mat everyday for my yoga practice and started a six week push-up challenge with the goal of doing 100 consecutive push-ups (I can do about 20 consecutive good form push-ups now…  let’s see how I improve!)

I’ve also been taking long walks around the neighborhood and starting to plan out what I might do/ where I’ll go this fall.  I have a general idea to be in Europe before going to India but where?  I’m not sure yet.  While I was out on a stroll this morning I almost bumped into this little guy.

He ran across the street in front of me and stopped to stare for a few seconds, just long enough for me to compose myself.  When he started to move I took a quick photo.  As I was marveling at this unexpected surprise, three more of them came around the corner and lightly bounced across the street.  I definitely stopped breathing for a few seconds.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw that our friendly mail carrier had been there to share this moment with me.  I turned and when our eyes met, I nodded to him with a smile.  I couldn’t really tell but I think he had a smile on his face, too.

I came back to find my Grandma tending to her garden as she does everyday.  Last week she let me pick the first cucumbers of the season, and under her careful supervision and care everything in her garden seems to grow bigger, faster, and greener.  She spends hours and hours out there, and I’m almost certain that she knows every leaf and bud in her garden.  Soon we’ll be pickling those cucumbers, eating fresh tomatoes everyday, and sharing her peppers and lettuce with the whole neighborhood.

I loved my adventure in South America, and really enjoyed seeing my brother and my friends in San Francisco, but it’s so good to be where I am right now.  Who knows what’s waiting for me just around the corner?

Mom’s flowers in full bloom

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10 Responses to Just Around the Corner

  1. Franco says:

    I’m happy you’re happy! I’m leaving Buenos Aires for good next week! 😦 Like you, who knows what the future holds for me.

    • REALLY!? I thought you were living in BA indefinitely! Wow… EVERYONE I met in BA has either left Argentina or will be leaving by next week. I mean EVERYONE, including those who had lived there for 5+ years. I count myself lucky that I got to meet you and so many other wonderful people while I was there.

      Whatever the future may bring you, I wish you all the best. Will be keeping up with your blog to see where you end up!

      • Franco says:

        Yeah I got a job back home that I wanted really badly, so now it’s just working out the logistics, but next week I’m outta here. I’m happy to returning to Toronto and just in time for the pride parade! I hope to see you again.

  2. bennettxing says:

    What a wonderful adventure! We have met more people from Argentina all around the world–we cooked with a group in Thailand, went on our camel trek in Morocco, shared a boat to Capri and lately met a wonderful man running the neatest shop in Rome who splits his time between there and Patagonia. All of them were so interesting to talk with–I am very inspired to put it on my travel list next. We’ll look forward to watching where you end up next!

    • Oh I wish you had more photos of your life in Morocco! What an adventure YOU are on! I love that you get your bread & yogurt down the alley everyday… Has Rob become a master of Moroccan cooking? Last week I was in Monterey, CA at a Spanish tapas place and they served achiote chicken, and of course it took me straight to your lovely house in Mexico and Rob’s delicious cold chicken soup… How much longer will you be in Fes?

      BTW, when/if you guys decide to go to Argentina I may just tag along with you. I absolutely loved it there!! Please say hello to the whole family for me! Look forward to reading more of your blog posts!

  3. lunasealife says:

    I leave Buenos Aires on Saturday!!! I can’t wait to see how our adventures converge – in Spain or France, and then perhaps on to India??! : D

    I’ve done the Aerial Silks class the last two Thursdays. It’s seriously the most kick-ass workout ever.

    And I feel you on the lazy blogging. I’m working on accepting and loving myself no matter how often I blog or don’t blog. 😉

    Besos babe!

  4. When are you off to India?! That’s exciting! We’re headed there ourselves later in the year. After that, who knows…!

    • I’m probably heading over in late October through mid/late December, and then over to Australia and New Zealand for a few months. I hope to get to Korea by April and live there for about 6 months. It’s so interesting to read about your experience and observations in Korea (the human/salmon article was sadly depressing but I suppose that’s how a lot of Koreans feel..??)

      Do you know where you’ll be in India? I spent most of my time in the south (Kerala & Tamil Nadu) the last time I was there (Dec 2010 to April 2011), and I am thinking of going back to Kerala again for a month-long ayurvedic program. Looking forward to reading about your travels through India for sure!

      • Wow, sounds like you’ve got a great adventure ahead! You will LOVE New Zealand. Of course, we’re incredibly biased but it really is an amazing country 🙂
        We’re starting in Delhi mid-October and working our way around the North, then flying from Kolkatta to Chennai to explore around the south. We’re spending about 7 weeks there all up and really looking forward to it!

      • It will be my first time in New Zealand and haven’t done any research at all.. not yet. But I am oh so very excited!! As for India, I hope you will love it. I think it’s magical…

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