Heladería de la Semana: Arkakao

Towards the end of my stay in Argentina I neglected to post my ice cream adventures (malbec flavored ice cream anyone?).  I skipped out on writing about Persicco (yum yum chocolate and banana flavors) and a few other chain ice cream shops in Buenos Aires (along with repeat visits to Tufic and Jauja).  But I found this post collecting dust in my draft box and thought better late than never.  This post is really overdue, as in, it should have been posted on April 28 instead of on June 28, overdue.  But here it goes… and this will be the last “heladería de la semana” series from Argentina.

Arkakao is an Italian gelato and tea salon/café in the posh neighborhood of Recoleta.  This elegant shop had been on my list for a few months but every time I was anywhere near its vicinity I happened to be so full that I could only admired from afar… well, there was one time I excitedly skipped over only to find a sign saying that their machine was broken and they had no ice cream.  But I wasn’t going to leave BA without trying Arkakao and finally I made it there on April 24, after having a sensible lunch at Tea Connection (on Montevideo around the corner from Arkakao).

On their wall hangs a sign that says they’ve never used artificial colors, additives, chemicals, or preservatives in their products and they never will!  And the staff are dressed in suits, vests, and ties, looking very polite and serious.  Their conduct and attire matched the quiet and civilized ambiance of the pretty store; it reminded me of a place where a group of upper east side ladies of New York would lunch.  Well, I suppose that fits the description of Recoleta.

I opted for a cone with two flavors (dark chocolate and hazelnut), which were both thick and dense, but creamy and delicious.  Michelle, who is in Milan today (to see the Dalai Lama!) writes that I need to put Il Gelato Centogusti on my list to visit.  She said she tried wasabi, ginger, pear, licorice, rice with sesame & honey, pesto, brie and berries flavored gelato yesterday.  Oh my!  I suppose in two months when I’m in Italy my “ice cream shop of the week” initiative can pick up where I left off in Argentina?  I think yes…  I’d better do some research and get a list started for the real deal.

Arkakao may not have the most innovative or interesting flavors of gelato, but it definitely made my top 3 for delicious ice cream in Buenos Aires.  Who’s number 1?  Why  it’s Jauja, of course!!

With that it’s “Goodbye Argentine helado!  Thanks for making me into an ice cream lover!”


Arkakao: Quintana 188 @ Montevideo in Recoleta


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Heladería de la Semana: Tufic

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2 Responses to Heladería de la Semana: Arkakao

  1. bennettxing says:

    If you make it to Bolsena near Orvieto in Italy (an area I loved), try Gelateria Santa Cristina. Their ricotta and canela gelato has so far been my favorite in Italy. Amazing.

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