I Love New York… in the Summertime

I only had a few days to spend in New York this summer but as expected in this great city, I was able to pack in a lot.  It was enough to get my New York fix but not enough to feel satisfied.  I suppose that’s New York for you…  you can never get enough.  At least, not for me even after calling it home for 13-14 years.  When I lived in New York I didn’t see how fast things changed in the city but now that I get to visit it every 6 months or so, I can really appreciate the lightening quick pace of Manhattan.  But some places and friends I love and adore, I’m happy to report, seem to stay just the way I remember them.  I love New York, period.  But I especially love New York in the summer because half the city has gone away and I can pretend the whole place has been reserved just for me.

View of the Upper West Side from the Central Park Reservoir.

Sunday brunch with dear friends.  Thank you Yams for your thoughtful kindness.

Feeling back at home on the Upper East Side, thanks to Janice and Peggy.

I know you worked really hard to transform your garden into this Japanese Zen oasis-  nicely done, Janice!  Thanks a million for opening up your lovely home for me every time.  I honestly enjoyed playing Peanuts Monopoly with your kids- I showed no mercy.  Ha!  Thank you for the rock climbing outing in Brooklyn and the awesome night at Tertulia.

What’s New York in the summertime without sitting outside and having a leisurely meal?  Thank you Nicole & the boys for our sidewalk French bistro dinner.  Only as a visitor to NY could I have two guys run across town to meet me on a 30 minute notice!  And Peg, I love that we can always pick up where we left off.  So happy we got to spend some quality time together, including us racing downtown to check on the condition of your Mom’s harp.  As for the gift of “Insanity,” thank you… I think (see how insane it is).

Summertime mani-pedi: like the Olympics I think I do it every 4 years or so.  Would only consider doing it if accompanied by a friend, usually before a summer wedding.  Thanks PW!

It’s great to still have new things to do in New York:  this fantastic outdoor market started a few years back but I took my first visit to the New Amsterdam Market (the old Fulton Fish Market site)

Even greater treat to see New York rising: the new World Trade Center.

A glass of wine on a sunny afternoon with a friend, just like old times: rooftop bar at the Peninsula Hotel (Salon De Ning).  The bar isn’t what it used to be but no complaints here.

Sure, the streets smell like trash sometimes and the humidity will make it feel like you’re swimming in hot soup.  But it’s hard to beat the life in New York, right Paula?  I know you agree with me.  I know you miss the attitude.  I say move back; I’m on team New York.  I think I just convinced myself to move back, too!


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