Santa Fe: Great Art, History, Food, and Relaxation

Our last full day in Santa Fe was a combination of all that (great art, history, food, and relaxation) and more!

Day 4: Santa Fe, New Mexico Itinerary

Breakfast @ Tia Sophia (@ 7:30AM again!)

Pecos Pueblo National Historical Park (we would have gone to Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks had it not been for the wildfire)

Ten Thousand Waves: sauna/massage for parents while Kevin & I check out Shidoni

Late lunch/dinner of Spanish tapas @ La Boca

Georgia O’Keefe Museum

Palace of the Governors and New Mexico History Museum

Strolling downtown/ Santa Fe art galleries

Not as busy as our full day in Taos the day before but still a lot of activities that started with, breakfast at Tia Sophia

I’m not scared of some spicy pepper!  Hotter the better, I say…  Our waiter was from Puebla, Mexico where I spent 4 great weeks in 2005.

To walk off our big breakfast, we headed to Pecos National Historical Park, just 35 miles outside of Santa Fe.

Yes, we all climbed down.

We followed an easy 1.25 mile trail through pueblo and mission ruins.

We didn’t encounter any rattlesnakes.

But we did see a lot of zucchini vines.  My parents being amateur/backyard vegetable gardeners, they liked this as much as the ruins.

Now for the rest and relaxation part of the holiday…  I booked my parents at Ten Thousand Waves, a Japanese spa, for massages.

Kevin, not being a fan of massages, wasn’t keen on going so after dropping the parents off, we went to check out Shidoni Foundry and Gallery.

Mom said the massage was really great and that her body felt so light she could probably fly!  By now it was close to 3PM and the gang was hungry, so we “flew” over to La Boca back in Santa Fe.

The food was quite good…  we ordered a second plate of the calamari after polishing off this one quickly.

It was Happy Hour after all- a bottle of albariño to wash it all down.

After a 2-hour lunch/dinner, it was time for a stroll.  We spent the rest of the evening exploring Santa Fe and its many wonderful museums and galleries, and admiring all the fantastic architecture.  There were musicians everywhere we looked, friendly locals dancing and enjoying themselves, and a lot more art and history to take in.

Palace of the Governors: a national historic landmark

The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi

So simple and so beautiful…  Santa Fe!!!!


Tia Sophia: 210 W San Francisco St
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Pecos Pueblo National Historial Park

Ten Thousand Waves: 3451 Hyde Park Rd 
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Shidoni Foundry and Galleries:  5 miles north of Santa Fe,
1508 Bishops Lodge Road Tesuque, NM

La Boca: 72 West Marcy Street Santa Fe, NM 8750

Georgia O’Keefe Museum: Free first Friday of each month (5PM to 7PM)
217 Johnson Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 946-1000

Palace of the Governors and New Mexico History Museum:  Free Fridays from 5PM to 8PM; just off the downtown Plaza

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  1. That breakfast looks divine!!! YUM!

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