Rain or Shine: I “Heart” Luzern

I’m back on US soil again after spending the past 4 weeks in Europe.  I really did try to update my blog as I traveled but I had numerous internet/bandwidth issues, and I was generally having too much fun or too stressed or too tired..  Now that I have some free time before I leave again, I’ll get settled and post what I missed.  I’m picking things up where I left off, which takes me to Switzerland about a month ago- August 29th to be precise.  I had this post partially written…

I don’t know why but the possibility of rain never entered my mind when I was planning my trip to Switzerland.  So Lynne and I were a bit surprised when the locals told us it was going to rain on our second day in Luzern.  When we woke up, it was definitely a bit grey but the clouds didn’t look too ominous so we decided to take a long hike around the lake and up through a forest.  We were told to take a bus up to the top of this hill/neighborhood and walk down, but Lynne and I decided that we’d do it in reverse.  We had no idea how long it would take but we thought, why not trek up and see what happens?  After all, the two of us DID meet hiking 10 hours a day in Patagonia

We crossed the bridge and started our hike from the Jean Nouvel designed cultural center (KKL), tracing the edge of the lake.

We passed by the Richard Wagner museum, which sat prettily on a hill overlooking the lake below and the impressive Swiss Alps looming above.

As we walked along the lake I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of my surroundings.  With each step I took and with each ray of light, the mountains I’d been staring at all morning seemed to come in and out of hiding.

One minute everything looked dark, gloomy, and dramatic, and the next minute I’d be treated to a view like this-

But soon enough we had to leave the lakeside and make our way up towards the hills.  We followed these yellow diamond signs.  I know the other yellow sign below wasn’t for us but I thought it was cute…

We walked through a residential neighborhood and saw this wonder of a machine- you know those small round disks that go around your floor to vacuum (I think they’re called “roombas“)?  Well, Lynne and I saw this little guy who was diligently and silently mowing the lawn.  We stood there and watched it hit the edge of the lawn and make its three point turns, and go back & forth and back & forth and back & forth…

We then climbed higher and higher up the hill, and when it started to finally drizzle on us we stopped to have a snack.  We hadn’t seen another human in a few hours by then and we were thoroughly enamored by this lovely place.  How can you not smile when this is laid out in front of you?

After a short break we finished our hike through the forest and with the drizzle turning into steady rain, we took the bus back down to the city.

Our rainy day in Luzern wasn’t yet finished though.  We had to put some yum yums in our tum tums, of course (plus some good beer).  My favorite from our meal?  Alpine macaroni.  Everyone laughs when I say that but it’s true!  It’s Alpine macaroni, alplermagronen– I read it off the menu to order and then repeated after the waitress to try to say it right.  It’s silly, but I loved the way it sounds and how it tasted.  It’s a bit overcast here today, and I can really use a bowl of alplermagronen right now.  As I recall, it was surprisingly light, mild, and perfectly savory without being too salty.

I could have had another one of these…

Two days in Luzern is just enough to make you want to go back.  The lakes and the mountains around Luzern are now permanently seared into my brain, and I hope that I will be back one day soon for a much longer visit.  But this time, we were making our way south with a purpose.   The next day we’d be in Lugano, getting ever so closer to Italy and to its Tuscan hillside.

Hope to see you more up close and personal next time!

That white thing is a swan, with his head in the water searching for his meal. I got a nice view of his fluffy white behind. hee hee hee.

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4 Responses to Rain or Shine: I “Heart” Luzern

  1. diskonect says:

    Very nice pictures, must have been good times.

  2. lunasealife says:


  3. veeeery lovely, it’s on my list!

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