Arrivederci Toscana

My last full day in Tuscany was a beautiful but quiet one.  It was Friday, which meant my globetrotting friends Michelle and Lynne were leaving in the afternoon for Sao Paulo and Istanbul.  And the guys decided to spend the day in Rome so they were packed up to leave right after breakfast.  The guys and I would meet up at the airport in Rome the next day for our flight to Nice, but I wasn’t sure when I’d see Michelle and Lynnie again.  So we decided to make the most of the gorgeous weather by hanging out by the pool.

Beautiful day at Villa di Masseto

During our initial walk-thru of the villa Valentina warned us not to venture out too far after sunset, for fear of wild boars.  Yuka thought Valentina said “wild boys” and of course that became a recurring joke for us throughout the week.  But when we found out that wild boars had gotten into the pool area overnight (which is quite close to the main house), we realized it was serious.  Valentina took a few photos to show us the damage they caused.  It had been a very hot and dry summer in Tuscany, and they were moving closer to humans looking for food and water.  Valentina said wild boar hunting season was starting and that would make things a bit better, but as a preventative measure she was going to put up electric fences after we left.

Damage done by wild boars, not wild boys

Superwoman Valentina fixed up the damaged lawn, cleaned the pool, and put a temporary wooden fence around the pool area (in between doing everything else around the villa) so well that when we got down to the pool we barely knew anything was amiss.  She was able to join us there for a couple of hours, and I was thrilled to learn more about her travels and where she’s headed next.  She’s spending this winter working in Malaysia, but plans to do the Inca trail to Machu Pichu and then go to Argentina during her off season next year.  I think perhaps our paths could cross again sooner than later??

Valentina making her fabulous breakfast

Looks good, I know.  Tasted even better.  Thank you Vale!

Lynnie and Michelle got in a few hours by the pool before leaving in the afternoon.  And then there were just five…  JP, Christiane, Kev, Paula, and me left in the villa for our last night.  There was an epic boys vs. girls foosball match in the evening (the boys won a close, hard-fought “championship” against Christiane & Paula), followed by really delicious pizzas from down the hill.  We even had a dessert pizza, well it was more like a calzone, stuffed with mascarpone and nutella.  This perfect evening with dear friends was the cherry on top of the week filled with endless fun and laughter (and a lot of food and booze…  by our calculation, we averaged 8-10 bottles of wine each night).

This fuzzy photo may be an indication of how tipsy we were.  We left no wine behind.

I doubt that we’d be able to get the same group together again for another holiday but I hope we will try.  A girl can dream, right?  Thank you Paula, Lynne, Michelle, Janice, Sammy, Christiane, Jean-Paul, Marco, Ted, Victor, Peter, Ruben, and Kevin for making this week in Tuscany so memorable.  It was so much more than I could have ever imagined.  Grazie mille!

View of the Tuscan country side from the pool area, Villa di Masseto

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  1. lunasealife says:

    Wild boys, ha!!

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