Before and After Sandy

A week ago I was huddled up in bed with my headphones firmly planted in my ears, trying to drown out the howling winds hurricane Sandy brought.  I was envious of my Grandma who had taken her hearing aids out and couldn’t hear what sounded like wild beasts fighting for their lives.  I wasn’t sure whether the windows and walls of our house would hold up.  Our power had gone out by then and the flickering candle lights did little to calm my nerves.

In the end, we got through “Superstorm Sandy” relatively unscathed, getting our power back after a few cold and dark days.  My poor Grandma was a trooper throughout the whole ordeal but I could tell that after the first couple of days without power and heat she was growing frail.  Once we got our power back and the house warmed up, I think she was so relieved that she finally relaxed; she slept for almost an entire day.  We had numerous trees and power lines that fell all around the neighborhood, but compared to some parts of New Jersey and New York we were really lucky.  Some of my friends are still without power after a week and I can only imagine how difficult it must be for so many people.

For the past few years I was traveling outside the U.S. around Halloween and having been in New York City for over a decade, I’d forgotten what it’s like to see the leaves change and take delight in Halloween decorations in the suburbs.  I took these photos a day or two before the hurricane hit.

My favorite tree in the neighborhood

Me looking tall and lanky in the afternoon shadows.

This guy skipped right over to me one morning, scaring me half to death.

And then the hurricane hit us…

Halloween was postponed in our neighborhood until power was restored and all the roads were free of fallen trees.

Grandma tried to keep warm by the fireplace with hot cocoa.

This tree next door was probably the reason we lost power.  Happy and grateful to have electricity again…

And there was Halloween on Saturday.  But they say there might be another storm coming on Wednesday?!  Noooooo!!!!

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2 Responses to Before and After Sandy

  1. Great fall photos you have here. I just love looking at the beautiful colors of the leaves.

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