New York Family

Friday, November 16, 2012

I’m in New York trying to see as many friends as I can and run some errands before leaving for India next week.  I even convinced K to make a visit so it’s going to be an action packed week.  In the past 48 hours I had- two doctors appointments, haircut, American comfort meal of chicken and pancakes (side order of chicken liver jam and fried pickles at Jacob’s Pickles on the Upper West Side), yummy Italian lunch of roasted eggplant “Amatriciania” and nutella cheese cake (a fantastic place on East 22nd, Ciano), Korean meal with a view at Gaonnuri (mediocre food and bad service, spectacular views),

a totally different Korean meal at my generous friends’ home on the Upper East Side (takeaway from Seoul Garden, much better food and excellent company), cupcakes from my favorite bakery (Two Little Red Hens– Red Velvet, Brooklyn Black Out, Peanut Butter Cream, Pumpkin), plenty of bubbly, beer, and a round of Vin Santo tasting,

a homey Japanese dinner of corn tempura, fresh sesame tofu, and hot Inaniwa udon (Donguri on the Upper East Side) with P, watched little S tumble at Gymnastics practice (I can’t believe she grew so much in 4 months!), walked, played, and smothered by a 8-month-old-already-115lbs-with-50lbs-more-to-grow St. Bernard.

window-shopped at the holiday outdoor market in Bryant Park (the ice rink is already open) and walked 20+ miles.

But best of all, I met up with friends old and new.  I was introduced to a dear friend’s fiancée and a partner for another, both of whom I know will become part of my New York family for years to come, and spent time with those that have been my core and base here in Manhattan.  The November air in the city is cold and dry, but my heart is filled with joy and warmth for my loved ones here.  So happy to know that I have a few more days in NYC to enjoy…  Thank you L & C, J & S (and little S & K) for sharing your lovely home with me.

Part of New York landscape; makes me smile and love it here.

Jacob’s Pickles: 509 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan, New York

Gaonnuri: 1250 Broadway, Manhattan, New York

Ciano: 45 East 22nd Street, Manhattan, New York

Seoul Garden: 34 West 32nd Street. #2Fl. New York

Two Little Red Hens: 1652 2nd Avenue, New York

Donguri: 309 East 83rd Street, New York

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