November 27, Ghee Day 2

I am tired and a bit achy.  I forgot about the thin Indian mattresses and how they can make every joint in your body take notice and complain.  My lower back is particularly unhappy but I’m sure in a few days I’ll get used to it.  My ghee this morning was definitely more than yesterday, I’d say ~3oz (90ml) since I had to take two large gulps instead of doing a quick shot of it.  I went to take a stroll but after walking slowly for less than 10 minutes I felt too tired to continue so turned back.  I sat by the river to rest up a bit and I could hear my heart pounding.  Dr. Suhas said I would feel tired but I didn’t think I would feel THIS tired.  I slept well enough though.  I was out by 20:30 and woke up once at 0:51 and then around 5:00.  The little bumps on my forearms have spread to the top of my arms overnight but the rash isn’t very itchy and I feel fine otherwise so I’m not too worried.

It’s a bit grey and foggy here today, and I think everyone is moving about at half speed.  Or am I thinking that because I feel sluggish myself?  It’s also chillier than yesterday so I have my fleece and wool socks on to keep me warm.  I’ve had a few “welcome to India” mosquito bites, but I still like to sit outside and listen to the leaves rustle and see if I can pick out the sound of the water streaming down the river in the winds.

I think I might be getting slightly hungry but I don’t feel like making nice with other guests and chatting.  I am keeping to myself and being silent.  I am a bit agitated when I hear others talking and laughing.  I think I am feeling extra sensitive to everything…

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4 Responses to November 27, Ghee Day 2

  1. doakenglish says:

    Sounds challenging, but wonderful… you can do it… get some rest. xok

  2. doakenglish says:

    oops, see now this is a month old.. xo

  3. doakenglish says:

    ps – at least it was butter… xo

    • I look at butter differently now… 🙂 I’ve finished the whole process and just getting around to posting everything. It was not easy but I’m really happy that I did it. I still can’t believe I did all this! More to come…

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