December 21, It’s All Over

Throughout my time here during Panchakarma I’ve been given various instructions and medication that in a “normal” setting one might not take very seriously or question their validity.  How often does a medical doctor prescribe “river gazing” as a course of treatment?  Would one drink a murky liquid in a small tin cup each morning and evening without questioning what is exactly in it or what it is supposed to do?  I’ve been poked, steamed, rubbed, pounded, squirted, kneaded, scrubbed, prodded, smoked, and dripped upon.  I took my share of mystery oils, herbs, ghee, milk, tulsi water, ginger tea, decoctions, and medicine whose name I cannot pronounce or write out.  I went on countless walks, practiced yoga morning and evening, attended poojas and bhajans.  I am at the end of my 28-day stay here and tomorrow I set off to my next adventure.

For the past few days I’ve been getting notes on various things I should and should not do as I go forward.  Dr. Vipin wrote me the following prescription during my final consultation with him.  To bring balance to my body and mind:

: Every morning on empty stomach, drink 2 glasses of warm water
: Once in alternate days do full body massage with warm sesame oil
: Drink one glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of ghee mixed with it at bed time
: Wear warming colors: yellow, orange, grey, etc
: Follow Vata diet (Google it- that’s what he actually wrote but Dr. Abhjit has given me more details)
: Avoid busy situations
: Avoid excess physical activity
: Do therapeutic yoga to improve apana vaiyu
: Sit in bathtub with warm water daily for 10 minutes

He told me to always drink warm water and avoid cold weather.  It’s a good thing I keep following the sun as I travel and keep myself away from winters anywhere.

Dr. Abhijit has prescribed and arranged for me to take with me 500g of Triphala powder they produce here, an oil that takes 101 days to make, special gooseberry powder for rejuvenation, a GIANT jar of medicated ghee, massage oils, and other herbal medication to last me at least 3 months.  So the process continues for me but away from this beautiful setting.

It’s really all over.  I CANNOT believe I actually did this.  I think it’s still too close to me now to really have it sink in.  But I know that there are lessons from here that I will come to realize some day in the future and I will feel the effects of this cleanse, both physical and mental, for years to come.  What I also take away from India this time are new friends who will remain dear to me for the rest of my life.  I will always remember and treasure what we went through together and shared.  They really made my Panchakarma experience special and to all of them, I am eternally grateful.

Namaste and see you again soon!


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