December 5, Mosquitos and Other Little Bites

It’s 10AM and I already have two mosquito bites.  I should have known better than to sit out on my patio with my face and neck exposed for these thirsty little flying vampires to feast.  After the full day of rain we had they are out en masse patrolling around for any unsuspecting foreign blood to sink their teeth into.  I am now sporting a swollen eyelid and jawline (come on, who gets bitten on their eyelids?), and a bit wiser.  I’ve lit an insect repellent coil I had left over from Mexico and covered my head and neck with a large scarf.  I feel better protected albeit a bit silly looking- my scarf has little pompoms dangling on its fringes.  But most of the guests here walk around with their dressing gowns (house dresses/moo moo’s), oil slicked hair (from their Ayurvedic oil treatments), West-meets-Indian garb (picture white men in Polo shirts and long Indian dhotis/skirts, women in T-shirts and tank tops over Indian balloon pants) so basically anything goes.

With my feet up on the patio at Ayurveda Yoga Villa, Wayanad, Kerala, India

With my feet up on the patio at Ayurveda Yoga Villa, Wayanad, Kerala, India

Because I’d been keeping to myself for nearly two weeks I didn’t know much about the goings-on in the compound.  I suppose it’s like any other place where a group of people congregate; there is bound to be different personalities and stories.  There seems to be some tension here because the facility is fully booked (overbooked, even) and some guests have been asked if they’d move up to the mountain retreat for a part of their stay.  Some idle gossip about this guest and that guest, this guest WITH that guest, etc.  Just stuff.

This morning S, the film maker/NY/Panama guest, gave me 9 movies to watch.  They are all foreign films but he recommended two in particular, one Japanese (“Departures”) and the other Korean (“Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring”), more appropriate for where we are and for our process.  From what he has said so far his son is a serious film maker (perhaps a well-known one) and once dated the Icelandic singer Bjork.  But S and I usually talk about food, trade New York restaurant stories, and how we are going to cook South Indian food when we leave here.

I hope to have another peaceful day today.  With my consultation at 11 and my treatment (more pounding!) at noon being the only firm appointments I have, I don’t see why I wouldn’t have a good day again.  If it isn’t too sunny this afternoon I’d really like to go for a walk.  It’s been a while since I had a stroll that lasted more than 20 minutes.  It would be really good to stretch my legs a bit…

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