December 6, Thursday

I had to remind myself that it’s Thursday today.  For the guests here at AYV days of the week are set aside in favor of counting how many days into such and such part of the Panchakarma program and how many days of “rejuvenation” we will get to enjoy before leaving this wonderful place.  While most of us talk about the lessons and benefits we’ve gained from doing Panchakarma some are outspoken about how much they hate this experience and would never choose to do it again.  This process, even this place, isn’t for everyone.

During a brief moment during Vamana I thought it amazing that some people do this so often.  While I didn’t have too much difficulty with Vamana I can’t say it was an easy experience by any means.  I know that this Ayurvedic detoxification process may be considered unorthodox, un-”scientific,” or ridiculous.  Drinking 8 liters of milk and herb infused water and vomiting in the name of cleansing one’s body doesn’t sound quite right, I agree.  But I believe there is more to this.  I know there is.  If I didn’t believe in this holistic, natural way of healing my body (and soul) through Ayurveda, I wouldn’t have come here in the first place.  This ancient knowledge and wisdom, this science of life (meaning of Ayurveda) has survived for thousands of years in Kerala and I feel blessed to be a beneficiary.

On a completely different note, in a tree in front of my cottage a giant beehive has appeared out of nowhere.  It’s on one of the lower branches where everyone can see and it looks quite menacing.  From my patio it’s been fun watching each person walk under it and see their eyes widen when they notice the hundreds upon hundreds of bees just above their heads.  But it wasn’t so fun earlier today when one of the bees flew right into my head and got tangled in the wet hair.  I shook my head violently in an attempt to get it out and eventually had to poke around with my fingers to scare it away, fully expecting to get stung.  Luckily he went away without causing either of us any pain (or death in his case).  I remember seeing a swarm of bees a week ago around this same tree; I wonder if that was their reconnaissance mission to find a suitable place to build a new home.


I assumed and I was wrong!  The bees just all flew away moments ago and left behind nothing.  Not a thing.  The whole mass on the tree branch was all made of bees and nothing but bees.  R and I were so convinced that they were building a beehive there.  It was a dark black cloud made of bees hanging just below a tree branch, that’s all.  In the time it took for me to blink my eyes a few times the cloud dissolved and disappeared into thin air.  It’s as if I just witnessed a magic trick.  Poof!  Without a trace.

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