A Full Day in Tassie

December 29, 2012.  We had just two days left before starting the Overland track so this morning J and I went to the grocery store to get our food sorted out.  J had already gotten most of her things from Brisbane but I had nothing planned yet except for the three dehydrated dinners I purchased through A’s sister.  I listened to J’s advice on what I should get because I was essentially clueless and J was a seasoned veteran.  Since I always take photos of the food I’m eating I don’t know why I neglected to take any pictures of what I packed for this hiking trip.  There was porridge for breakfast, pumpernickel bread, cheese, almonds, dark chocolate, and so on.  I did not go hungry in the Tasmanian wilderness.

After our trip to the grocery store and saying goodbye to the Irish (they were headed to a music festival and not joining us for the hike), we met up with S&A to take a drive around the Tasman Peninsula.  It was another gorgeous sunny day, perfect for a mini road trip for our happy bunch.  We drove about an hour southeast of Hobart towards Pirates Cove but before making our first stop at the Tessellated Pavement State Reserve, we paused for a scallop pie break.  What was intended as a bathroom break (there wasn’t one at this convenient store) quickly turned into a lucky chance for me to taste a local specialty.  I was really surprised to find something like this in such an unassuming roadside store (see photo below).  Under normal circumstances in the U.S., I would not have purchased a seafood pie from a random place on a hot summer day.  But I had “scallop pie” on my Tasmania list so I crossed that item off and I can now note a happy smiley face next to it.  The crust was buttery and flaky, the bottom of the pie was not yet soggy from the filling, and there were three plump Tasmanian scallops enveloped in a mild curry sauce.  And it was served piping hot; very unusual yet delectable.

P1120054 P1120055P1120057 P1120056

As for the nature and the beauty of the Tasman Peninsula…


Tessellated Pavement State Reserve:

P1120069 P1120072P1120073  P1120074P1120075  P1120079 P1120081 P1120083Around Devil’s Kitchen:


Then we drove through a small village named “Doo Town” where all the houses had names like “Much-A-Doo,” “Just Doo It,” “Doo Drop In,”etc.  We had fun looking for the name plates and calling them out loud.  A few minutes later we reached the blow hole but the tide was low so we couldn’t see anything.  We salvaged the situation with more delicious seafood and ice cream from these trucks.  It was doo-lishus; look at the size of the fisherman’s cone J, A, and I shared!

P1120099 P1120100 P1120101 P1120102 P1120103

We forged onto Remarkable Cave and the Maingon Bay Lookout, and drove farther out towards Cape Raoul but decided to return to Hobart before it got too late.  On the way back, I got to see my very first echidna.


I wasn’t hungry at all but couldn’t resist another visit to the Taste so off we went again down to the festival.

P1120134IMG_0171 P1120135IMG_0173 P1120137IMG_0172

P1120144 P1120143 P1120146

There was more wine tasting, cheese tasting, berries and ice cream, and a bright full moon to boot.  What a full day in Tasmania!


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  1. lunasealife says:

    WOW! All of it. Wow. Esp the curried scallops… noooom.

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