Spit Manly or Manly Spit?

A tropical cyclone named Oswald caused severe flooding in Queensland over the weekend and here in Sydney it rained for two days straight.  I think Americans would call this a hurricane or a tropical storm, but a quick internet search showed me that cyclones are storms that begin in the South Pacific and it has a clockwise rotation in the southern hemisphere (counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere).  LW, whom I met in India, arrived here on Saturday and sadly the weather hasn’t been the best.  But yesterday it finally stopped raining so we put on our walking shoes and did a 10km walk.

My friend T mentioned this coastal walk to me last week and then a few days later I realized that AN’s Mom had written me a note about it when we were in Tasmania (she also told me about walking from Marouba to Bondi, which I will do next week).  Well, I don’t know how I could have forgotten about it since the names themselves are rather memorable.  A place called The Spit with Spit Road and Spit Bridge?  Manly?  In any case, we had the perfect walking weather yesterday with overcast skies and gentle breezes in the morning.  I read that it would take 3-4 hours (at the beginning of the trail the guide showed 4.5 hours) so I packed snacks and carried a liter of water, but we strolled the whole 10km in less than 2.5 hours.  I would rate this walk “and easy.”  As for the direction I chose, Spit to Manly rather than Manly to Spit, it allowed me to spend the afternoon in Manly and take the ferry back to Sydney central.  I’m all for Spit -> Manly, definitely not Manly -> Spit.

It was a day for a few “firsts” for me- first bus ride, ferry ride, and beach outing in Sydney.  LW, her friend N, and I started our journey at QVB (Queen Victoria Building) where we boarded the 9:27 bus (bus #180 with the nicest driver ever!) that took us to the beginning of our walk, Spit Bridge in Mosman.  Just as we were crossing the bridge we were lucky enough to see the drawbridge at work.

P1120741 P1120743 P1120744 P1120747

Trail map for our day trip to Manly.


A little (well, actually he wasn’t that little) friend we met when we started our walk.



P1120758 P1120760




P1120781 P1120775

We arrived in Manly a few hours earlier than we anticipated.  That meant we had plenty of time to have lunch, walk along the beach, take a coffee break, and even squeeze in a pint of beer.

Hemingway’s on the beach for lunch and Barefoot Coffee Traders for a cup of chai.

IMG_0690 IMG_0691 IMG_0692 IMG_0693

We had blue skies in the afternoon, perfect for our time on Manly Beach.


P1120786 P1120785

Last stop in Manly, 4 Pines Brewing Company.


My first Sydney ferry ride, Manly to Circular Quay.

P1120787 P1120788

Back home as the sun starts its descent…




Spit to Manly Scenic Walk and Other Coastal Walks: www.walkingcoastalsydney.com.au

Hemingway’s: 48 N Steyne, Manly, NSW

Barefoot Coffee Traders: 18 Whistler Street, Manly, NSW

4 Pines Brewing Company: 29/43-45 E Esplanade, Manly, NSW

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3 Responses to Spit Manly or Manly Spit?

  1. Peggy Tee says:

    Always wanted to do this walk, but Manly is a bit far for me as I’m in the East! Plus there is the Coogee-Bondi walk right on my doorstep, which is a coastal walk similar to the one you’ve highlighted here. The only difference is that we don’t have a National Park. I must get up to Manly and do this walk one day!

    • I’m going to do the Marouba to Bondi walk next week. Really looking forward to it! I’m really impressed by how well all of these walking trails are developed and used by everyone. I’m really loving Sydney!

      • Peggy Tee says:

        That’s so nice to hear!! That’s a great walk. Try to do it at low tide though as there is a section on that route where you have to walk across exposed rock, and it’s easier (and safer!) to do so at low tide. Enjoy!

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