Overland Track Day 6: Windy Ridge to Echo Point

Bert Nichols Hut to Narcissus: 9km, Narcissus to Echo Point: 7km

Day 6 of our hiking journey in Tasmania was full of obstacles.  Literally.  Most people take the jetty out of the park from Narcissus but we had an ambitious plan to walk past Narcissus and overnight at Echo Point in order to walk out to Cynthia Bay.  That meant we were facing another rather difficult day and concerns over Echo Point not having enough space for all the hikers made us nervous.  We had our first and last group meeting after dinner the previous evening, and we decided that we would leave at first light to get to Echo Point as quickly as we can.  And that, is we exactly what we did.  By 6:40AM we were already walking.


It was another gorgeous day but the lack of any clouds in the sky made me a bit uneasy.  It was going to be hot and sunny, not the most ideal hiking condition in my opinion.  I was determined to walk as fast as I could to get as far as I could before the sun came up over the mountains.  I practically ran the first hour on the trail but was happy to see JN ahead of me clearing up all the cobwebs with a tree branch.  We were definitely the first walkers on the track this morning.


Already sunny and bright at 7:40AM


IMG_0239 IMG_0242



I was absolutely elated to reach the Narcissus Hut by 9:10AM, only 2.5 hours into our day (for the record, the trail markers indicated that it would take 3 hours from Windy Ridge to Narcissus).

Toilet with a view at Narcissus


The view from the toilet


Reuniting with some of our fellow hikers who stayed overnight at Narcissus and were taking the jetty out.


The Lake and the mountain views were gorgeous around Narcissus but the hut itself was terribly moldy.  And there was a big snake by the jetty docks that gave me a fright.

IMG_0255 IMG_0257 IMG_0258

Getting ready to leave Narcissus after a brief pause.  Onto Echo Point!


I had JN as my walking companion for the next few hours, which was an absolute blessing.  Had I attempted this leg of the hike by myself, I could have easily gotten lost.  The trails were obviously neglected by lack of use and there were numerous fallen trees on the way.  JN and I left signs after we figured out which way to go and cleared certain passages for our party to follow us.  We didn’t see any human beings on the way but did spot a cute echidna.

IMG_0260IMG_0270 IMG_0261 IMG_0263Where is the echidna?

IMG_0265 IMG_0266

After climbing up, over, and under all the obstacles we finally made it to Echo Point at 12:05.  As expected, the hut was very basic and cramped, but we needn’t have worried about other hikers.  It was just our party and a nice couple from Perth with their son camping out by the beach at Echo Point.  We could tell that it wasn’t going to rain or be that cold so all of us decided to camp.  AC and I put our tent up not far from a rolling stream.  All we heard that night was the gentle flow of the water and I fell asleep as if I were hypnotized by its lullabies.

IMG_0271 IMG_0272 IMG_0273


JN and JC scored a freshly caught trout from a group of fishermen passing by.  JN grilled it later in the afternoon and served it along side his now famous poached pears.  There was some swimming (the water was ice cold- very very brave Aussies!), lounging about, relaxing, and a lot of laughter.

P1120506 P1120509 P1120520 P1120516_2 P1120519_2 P1120525

We watched the sun cast its final rays of brilliance over the mountains and said goodbye to our last full day of hiking the Overland Track.  We were all exhausted but really happy that we chose to spend the night at Echo Point.

IMG_0276 P1120528 P1120529


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  1. lunasealife says:

    Gorgeous! So I was just reading this National Geographic piece the other day about how the male echidna has the strangest member in the animal kingdom…

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