Overland Track Day 7: Walking Out from Echo Point to Cynthia Bay

It really was a good thing that I just trusted in S&A and followed their plan for the Overland Track.  I think if I really knew what we were going to do I would have been a lot more nervous.  What little I read about the hike said that I’d be walking 65km (~40 miles) and I thought, “how hard could that be?  That’s about 11 km a day (less than 7 miles/day).”  Ignorance is bliss.  What we ended up doing was walking 100+ km in 7 days, averaging 15+km per day (~10 miles) carrying 15kg (~33lbs) on my back.  I would love to do another walk to see the famed Cradle Mountain that eluded me this time but I don’t think I will ever do the entire Overland Track again.  I’m definitely happy to have done it and I’ve mostly forgotten the hard parts.  Even the blisters are now almost healed and only the good memories remain with me.  I’d like to leave it at that.

Echo Point to Cynthia Bay: 11km along Lake St. Clair.

AC and I were determined to watch the sunrise on our last day so we jumped up out of our tent minutes after my alarm went off at 4:41AM.  We wrapped ourselves with a fluffy sleeping bag and watched as the sky turned from hazy pink to deep orange to translucent yellow.



IMG_0281 IMG_0283IMG_0286

We took our time cooking up our last breakfast, my last bit of porridge and tea tasted as delicious as ever.


We were getting picked up at 2PM and under normal circumstances we wouldn’t have been too concerned about walking 11 km.  But having seen all those fallen trees the previous day and what we had to go through to reach Echo Point, we thought we should expect the worst and give ourselves plenty of time to get to Cynthia Bay.  We set off at 8:40AM.

The beginning of the trail did have some massive trees that were uprooted.  Then we were in the midst of thick green ferns and so much vegetation that we couldn’t help but think of the movie Jurassic Park.

IMG_0305IMG_0316 IMG_0306 IMG_0309

But soon enough we were walking along Lake St. Clair again.

IMG_0310 IMG_0312 IMG_0320

As if we hadn’t walked enough, we decided to take a detour to Platypus Bay on the way out.


12:30PM on January 6, 2013- we arrived at Cynthia Bay!


I didn’t say anything all morning but I was wincing with every step I took.  When I took my hiking boots off I could see that my left little toe was surrounded by huge blisters on all sides.  Everyone looking at it let out a loud “eeewwww!!!”  I didn’t show everyone my bruises but I got quite a few of them from this hiking trip.

Feel free to avert your eyes…


FINISHED!  DONE!  No more heavy packs to carry.


We signed ourselves out of the park.

IMG_0334hmmm.  The snake I ran over the day before at Narcissus was a Tasmanian Tiger Snake….


IMG_0343 IMG_0345

Goodbye Cradle Mountain, goodbye Lake St. Clair!  Thank you for a great week filled with amazing memories!



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