Snake, Snake, Snake: Happy New Year!

I had an action packed week in Sydney, culminating in a sailing excursion around the harbor yesterday.  It was so much fun and so busy that I didn’t get to post anything about it during the week.  Last Sunday I visited the Sydney Jewish Museum, Monday it was Newtown and Redfern, Tuesday I was in CBD (Central Business District) for MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) and bar hopping, Wednesday had me walk a 10km loop around Elizabeth Bay to Paddington to Darlinghurst on a fun errand, capped off with a Japanese lunch and a harbor-side picnic, Thursday I had a loooooooong walk along the beaches going from Maroubra to Bondi, Friday I said goodbye to LW and hello to S&A, and finally on Saturday (yesterday) I was out on a sailing boat and an evening visit to Cockatoo Island.  Whew!  You can understand how I had no time to post anything!

But for today, I have to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!  It’s the Lunar New Year and to see some of the festivities I headed over to Sydney’s Chinatown this afternoon.  I should have gone there much earlier in the day, but I really needed to sleep in and clean the apartment first.  I couldn’t very well bring in the New Year with my body so tired and my place dirty!  I let myself sleep until my eyes naturally opened and moved about slowly all morning.  After breakfast I scrubbed and swept and mopped until everything felt nice and clean.  It was approaching 1:30PM when I was finally finished.  Getting a late start meant I missed out on the lion dance at the Chinese Friendship Garden so I went directly to the New Year’s Market set up in Belmore Park.

IMG_1126 IMG_1127

IMG_1129 IMG_1130

IMG_1131 IMG_1132

I walked over to the Chinese Garden but the queue was snaking around the block (the pun here was intended, this is the year of the snake).  I’ll have to visit it another time, maybe next week when they have a Chinese tea ceremony demonstration.


Just across the street there seemed to be another big celebration of some kind.  I walked over and found the Serbian Festival in full swing.  I had no idea there was a big Serbian community here?!

IMG_1135 IMG_1137

Rather than staying out late (I did catch a glimpse of the Chinese New Year fireworks last night) I decided to head home and practice yoga instead.  But I did stop by Town Hall to see an exhibition called Snake Snake Snake.  It was an interesting collection of contemporary Asian-Australian artists’ works.


Red Seed by Jayanto Damanik


Nuwa is Pregnant II by Tianli Zu

IMG_1146 IMG_1147


Beng Beng Standard by Laurens Tan


Dragon in Water by Dongwang Fan

I have to say, Sydney seems to go all out for festivals and celebrations.  There are three weeks of events the Chinese New Year and this was just the kick-off weekend.  It looks like I’ll be missing the Dragon Boat races (argh!) but I’ll be sure to check out a few more fun things while I’m here.  Xin Nian Kuai Le to all from Australia!



Happy Lunar New Year in Argentina (2012)

Chinese New Year in India (2011)

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