Baby, 강남 Gangnam Style? Baby, 마을 Maeul Style?

I’ve been busy these past couple of months getting acquainted with Korea.  I really enjoy just watching, observing, and soaking things in wherever I find myself, and Korea has been no exception.  I was randomly going through some of the photos in my iphone this morning and saw these two.  The first one was taken in a subway somewhere in Gangnam (yes, as in that song).  I seemed to be the only person who was surprised and delighted to see this boy in what I am calling “Baby, Gangnam Style.”  I couldn’t stop staring at him (he was standing right in front of me so it wasn’t too obvious) and his equally stylish young Mother.  It’s a shame that I couldn’t get the two of them in the photo together since the Mom was impeccably dressed, complete with a pair of high heels and a giant Prada bag to boot.  But just look at that boy!  Those are glittering gold TOMS’ he’s sporting with harem pants.  As Koreans say when they encounter something amazingly awesome, 대박! daebak!


Then probably the very same week, I was on a small town bus and saw this Mother – Son pair.  By the way, they literally call these small village buses, 마을버스 maeul bus because their short routes connect one village/town to another; I think they might be ~$0.10 cheaper, too(?)


I don’t know what this contraption is called but I’ve seen it used to strap a child to the back of an adult, usually the Mom.  Obviously it allows the adult to have the use of both hands to carry multitude of other things whether it be groceries, umbrellas, or what have you.  This Mom boarded the bus carrying bags of fruits and vegetables, and put her goodies in the empty seat so that her heavy load has been dealt with.  But the really important load she’s carrying, the child, is still on her and not squashed by her sitting down.  I couldn’t help but smile at this beautiful child and his chubby feet that were dangling and bouncing ever so slightly with each bump and swerve of the bus.  He had the clearest of all peaches and cream complexions, and his eyes showed not a care in the world.  Did I think this maeul style amazingly awesome?

Yes, I did.

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