Off the Grid Life

It rained all day.  It gave me a great thrill to see flashes of lightening and listen for the roar of the thunder from way out in the ocean.  At times it was so intense and loud that nothing else seemed to matter or even exist.  It was fantastic.  But it did mean a full day of being confined indoors.  S. left early in the morning to see about getting the truck fixed, a difficult task since the parts needed for the car had to come from a town that’s only accessible by a ferry and an additional hour-long car ride.  E. told me that during rainy season, which technically we’re in right now, it wouldn’t be unusual for it to rain everyday for a few weeks.  I’m not sure if I’d love being damp and grey for so long.  A full day of it felt quite enough to me.

When S & E came down and opened up the house this year they noticed that their back-up generator wasn’t working properly.  And then separately, they lost their cell and internet reception a few weeks ago.  For some reason the 100 ft. cell tower S. constructed refuses to work (the thing is HUGE!  I don’t know how he built it in the first place).  If there isn’t enough sun light for the main solar generated power system for their house, S & E are at the mercy of their back-up generator.  Well, I brought down for them a new battery charger for the generator and I can only hope that it works.  This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever had the pleasure of being, but personally I think I would be too nervous and stressed about all the things I have to maintain to live here.  I know my limitations and I certainly am not clever enough to handle what needs to be done.  Life in this remote area on an island is not for the faint of heart.  S & E have workers who live on the property and they do a good job of keeping the place up and maintaining the grounds, but whew!  It’s a lot of headache and work…

“Driveway” to S & E’s house.

IMG_7420 IMG_7421But for being so far away from civilization S & E have all kinds of modern amenities for their house.

Stylish yet functional kitchen designed and built by S & E in the middle of a rainforest, perched above the Caribbean.

IMG_7470They have an amazing kitchen set up that any gourmet cook would be happy in, washer & dryer (they tell me with a proud smile that E. is the only one with a dryer on this entire stretch of the island), an amazing outdoor rain shower with all the hot water you could want, and hundreds of movies.  I’m not exaggerating about the entertainment options; they really do have hundreds of digitized films and TV programs.  So far I’ve enjoyed watching Silver Linings Playbook, Amour, and Argo (one each night), and they have an extensive library of books as well.

Good coffee is important at S & E’s house.  Here is a hard working Japanese vacuum coffee maker brewing fantastic Panamanian coffee… not too shabby!

IMG_7415 IMG_7416 IMG_7417 IMG_7419

Add to all of that their own private beach that stretches out as far as your eyes can see, Mimitimbi, the largest fresh water lagoon on the island, incredible vegetation and beautiful birds all within a few feet away….  well, fine.  Maybe it is worth a bit of extra effort to live here after all.

S & E’s beach.

IMG_7422Sure, I’ve had no outside contact or any news about what’s happening in the world.  But I doubt that I’m missing out on anything.

Let’s see what loveliness tomorrow brings…

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One Response to Off the Grid Life

  1. Ahh a dream kitchen, coffee geekery and a Caribbean setting – that’s the stuff of dreams!!!!! Gotta get back to that part of the world some day…gorgeous.

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