I’m Such a City Mouse…

Merry Christmas!  I’m now back in the United States to celebrate the holidays with my family and friends, but I’ll continue to post about my time in the jungles of Panama.  These were written a few weeks ago but since I was totally off the grid and had no access to the internet until this week, I’m just getting around to uploading them now…

I love that here I seem to naturally wake up when the sun rises and we retire to bed when it gets dark.  I think it helps that my bed faces north east, with an entire wall of sliding glass doors and windows that let in the earliest morning light.  It’s effortless to roll out of bed and get straight onto my yoga mat to greet the sun.

First light of day.

IMG_7436 IMG_7435Today we had the most gloriously beautiful weather yet.  There wasn’t a hint of yesterday’s rain in the air.  The only evidence of the downpour was the debris washed up on the shore and the gush of fresh water flowing out of Mimitimbi.  The first day when I swam in Mimitimbi it was clear enough for me to see way down below but today the water was quite a bit murkier.  And even though it was bright and sunny all day, I felt a bit nervous about swimming too far out by myself.  S. reassured me that there wasn’t anything dangerous but E. saying “you never know….” seemed to echo in the back of my head.  What can I say, I’m a really a City Mouse.

Where Mimitimbi, the island’s largest fresh water lagoon, meets the Caribbean…  in front of S & E’s house.


Mimitimbi, fresh water (cold!) lagoon where I swam.  It was so deep and big that I couldn’t see where it started or how far into the jungle it extended.


Yesterday late in the afternoon we had a visit from some neighbors down (or is it up?) the road.  R & A, (Americans, father & daughter originally from Colorado) had walked over in the rain to say hello.  Apparently they’re about 20 minutes away on foot, which makes them the closest neighbors S & E have.  We’re presently without any mode of communication at the house but S. having gone into town two days in a row, has made plans with a few other families who live around here.  Tomorrow we’re dining at this Canadian couple’s mansion (I think a 10,000 sq ft. teak house built on mangroves staffed by a dozen people deserves to be called a mansion) and on Sunday three of S & E’s friends are coming over for dinner here.  It is so remote and isolated that it feels like it’s the end of the world here most of the times, but the small expat community does seem keep a social calendar going.

But until I am out in the real world hanging out with human beings again, it’s just me, the rain forest, the ever changing colors of the ocean, and all the wildlife that continues to surprise me.  Last night as I walked over to the bathroom with my flashlight I came face to face with a large toad…  IN THE LIVING ROOM.  I don’t know how he got in the house or whether he lives somewhere in the house.  Maybe he hides out during the day and lives it up when we’ve all gone to sleep.  But here he was, calmly blinking his large eyes and sitting there quietly as if he was expecting me.

I found this guy croaking right outside my bedroom window.  The toad I saw inside the house last night was almost twice his size.

IMG_7477He may have caught me off guard last night but I sure won’t be fooled again.  Tonight, I will be mentally prepared to find him in my path and will not flinch if he shows up with some of his friends in tow…

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