Never a Dull Moment in the Jungle: Wildlife and a Dinner Party

I was looking forward to sleeping in a bit this morning after yesterday’s exciting outing around the island and getting home so late last night.  But the sun had other ideas and couldn’t stop itself from rising again.  I had no intentions of waking up but I could just tell through my eyelids that it was bright outside.  I cracked opened my eyes a little and immediately got confused.  Maybe I was still sleeping?  I thought for a split second that I saw a small bird sitting on the window ledge facing out to the ocean.  Thanks to LASIK surgery I had in Seoul this summer (which is another story!  argh, so behind with my posts.. but back to Panama for now) I can see everything now but surely I’m dreaming?!

This little bird was perched up there outside the window staring at me.  It took a few more seconds for the hazy fog to lift from my brain and for me to realize that actually he was on the INSIDE, looking confused and sputtering about.  I sat up from my bed to study him better, and noticed his bright yellow belly and tiny face.  And just as I was wondering about how he got inside,  he took flight.  In a blink of an eye, he flapped his wings a few times, which took him straight across the room and “thwack” into the large window pane to my right.  I blinked again and this time he was tumbling down the wall.  I heard a soft “thump” and he lying on the floor next to my bag.  I couldn’t tell whether he was alive, hurt, or dead.  “ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!”  I screamed silently in my head.  Was he on his side?  On his feet?  Are his eye open?  “ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!”

I jumped out of bed and ran out to the living room to implore S. to help.  By the time S. stood over the poor guy with his cupped hands to scoop him up, the little birdie had come to his senses enough to fly up to the rafters again.  Oh, thank goodness he’s OK!  But now what?

IMG_7465My room is lined with windows on all four sides of the walls and giant sliding doors that make it look as if you are literally sitting in the middle of the rainforest.  Sitting on my bed looking up at this bird, I could just feel his frustration.  He gingerly tiptoed from one window over to the next and circled the room, looking for a way hout.  I opened the sliding doors wide open but he kept poking and flying around the top of the windows, not seeing the giant doors below.  Well, to make matters worse the brown baby chicken that’s been pecking his way around the house took this opportunity to invite himself in through the open doors!  So for the next half hour S. and I tried our best to keep one bird out of the house and the other one to leave.  My, my, my.  We did succeed eventually in doing both.

IMG_7466 IMG_7499All the excitement over the birds was soon forgotten with a torrential downpour and preparations for our dinner party.  E. requested that S. make creamy pumpkin coconut soup.  S decided he’d cook up some adobe chicken, a variation of Dan Dan noodles, and sautéed eggplants in Sichuan style since he picked up some Sichuan peppercorns from New York before coming down here.  I was a happy sous chef/prep cook under S’ directions, and we had a ton of fun making this and that all afternoon while E. set the table and decorated the house.

IMG_7474 IMG_7475Late in the afternoon P & K came around, and we spent a lovely evening together chatting about everything from the state of U.S. public schools to new species of insects in the rainforest to the first ever Christian wedding amongst the local indigenous people.  It got so late that S. excused himself to go to bed before P & K left.  Another really fun day here, definitely not a dull moment…  But for the next few days I hope it’ll just be a lot of reading and lounging.

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4 Responses to Never a Dull Moment in the Jungle: Wildlife and a Dinner Party

  1. lunasealife says:

    So beautiful!!!

  2. These are lovely photos….And I can connect. I left one of my windows wide open. And came home to find ……a freaking wild pigeon sitting on top of my mirror! My new mirror of all things :/ And I really had to work to get it out 😛

    • I wish animals didn’t scare me so much… I know they’re more afraid of me than I am of them, but still… your wild pigeon was probably a lot bigger than this little guy I had in my room. Your comment reminded me of this one time when I went to sleep with the window open (which was right next to my bed)- I opened my eyes in the morning to come face to face with a squirrel 2 inches away from me sitting on the windowsill. This was a city squirrel (I was living in Philadelphia at the time) and needless to say, I FREAKED OUT! hahahahaha!

      • Oh God….!!But you know i was grateful that it didn’t poo or anything.It could’ve,since God knows for how long it had been there. Mom was saying the samething. these creatures are so small in size and yet we larger ones get freaked out so easily. I’m just afraid of the beak and claws. Give me a beakless and clawless pigeon and I’ll shoo it away in minutes 😛

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