Nos Vemos, Mimitimbi. Hasta La Próxima, Panamá.

IMG_7486This is my last post from the Panamanian rainforest.  E. said she was terrible at saying goodbyes so we said instead that we’d see each other soon.  I don’t know whether I’ll ever have another chance to see her beautiful home in Bocas or stroll the fertile their grounds or swim in Mimitimbi again.  But I am eternally thankful to S & E for inviting me to share their lovely place and for their kindness.  During my time there, S took me on a number of walks up and down the precarious and jagged edges of the shoreline, went body surfing with me, picked tropical fruits and flowers I’d never seen for me to taste and see, and cooked the most delicious “I can’t believe we’re eating this in the middle of the the jungle” meals for us.

White and red ginger flowers.


IMG_7489Achiote, an unique and important ingredient used in pollo pibil I enjoyed in Mérida, Mexico, grows in abundance in S & E’s backyard jungle along with hundreds of other flowers and tropical fruits.



Mimitimbi after a full day of rain.

IMG_7480The wild shoreline I walked with S.

IMG_7483Thank you S & E!

IMG_7472Nov Vemos, Mimitimbi!  Hasta La Próxima, Panamá.


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