Speechless in Anguilla

I smiled to see a note from L. this morning where she described how she’s suffering from PPSD, Post Pampering Stress Disorder.  She was faced with having to make her own breakfast and I knew exactly what she meant, since I was dreading the same fate.

We just returned from a week-long holiday in Anguilla where we celebrated Kevin and Peter’s birthdays with a stay at Ani Villas.  After my memorable birthday week in Tuscany in 2012, I thought K. might want to do something special for his big birthday.  During our trip to Tokyo last November we started to really think about where and what we might do to mark this occasion.  We were lucky enough to have P. with us on that very trip and our plans for a destination party doubled in size and fun once P. decided to join forces with K. and make this into a bigger event.  Over the winter months we researched and discussed various locations (Hawaii, Thailand, Mexico, etc) but in the end, the turquoise waters of the Caribbean and the amenities at Ani Villas beckoned us down to Anguilla.  Having had an amazing experience with a villa rental (Villa di Masseto) in Italy, I hoped that we’d enjoy our stay in Anguilla as well.  But the extent to which the staff at Ani Villas pampered our group of 19 was beyond anything I could have imagined.

It all started with private transfers they arranged for our group flying in from New York to St. Maarten; taking us from the airport to the ferry terminal, ushering through immigrations, getting us onto prearranged boats to Anguilla, and then to the villas.  This whole process was repeated multiple times (and then in reverse for our returns) without any hiccups, which I found rather impressive since our large group of friends arrived at different times and on different days.  On the “first wave” of arrivals was K and I, plus Victor & Amanda, Marco, Matthew & Emily.  The next set had P, Ted & Janina, Evan, Dan, Lynnie, and Paula, who arrived an hour after us.

IMG_8033A quick 20 minute boat ride from St. Maarten and another 20 minutes in a van had us at the front gates of our compound/home for the next week.  To my utter surprise (and slight embarrassment) the entire villa staff was lined up to greet us by the door with cold towels(!) and fresh cocktails were made to order by the pool (tropical rum punch made with fresh fruit juices and oh-so-good piña coladas).  With a cocktail in hand I started to soak in the breathtaking scenery and the gorgeous property.  Since we took over the whole estate for the week, we poked around everywhere- two villas, two cabanas, two separate hot tubs and infinity pools, the rooftop lounges, and so on.

South villa, our main hang out/party house –

IMG_8306South villa’s hot tub-

IMG_8035View from the south villa-

IMG_8297Large cabana by the pool-

IMG_8295North villa where I stayed- my room was the middle one on the second floor.  I took full advantage of the big balcony and tried to spend some time there everyday.

IMG_8219Lovely modern furnishings in our north villa, the other villa was just as beautiful.


My huge bathroom-

IMG_8037 IMG_8038

The view I woke up to every morning-

IMG_8205Rooftop lounge area in our villa where we held the “girls’ cocktail hour” at sunset-

IMG_8046Photos can changed and modified to make something look better than the real thing.  But at the Ani Villas, we all agreed that photos simply cannot capture the beauty of the place.  Honestly, I was lost for words and it was a while before I attempted to take any photos at all.

Rain or shine we never once got tired of the views but the views were just the start of our fabulous week to come.  More on the beaches, food, sun, drone fun (yes, I said drone fun), and the amazing people at the villa tomorrow!


Ani Villas: Little Bay, Anguilla, British West Indies



A Dream Villa: Villa di Masseto, Italy

Fun Under the Tuscan Sun: Welcome Dinner

The Best Birthday (Week!)


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4 Responses to Speechless in Anguilla

  1. I want more !!! I want (but then again I don’t want) to know what we missed !!! It looks absolutely fabulous !!

  2. Looks awful. You must have really suffered for this experience ;P

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