Did Someone Say “Beach Butler?”

I turned in early on the first night so I was up before dawn.  I drew aside the blackout shades and the curtains before going to bed, thinking that I could open my eyes to beautiful blue skies of the Caribbean and the morning lights of Anguilla did not disappoint me.

IMG_8047I had a sunny and peaceful practice in my room, and then I headed down for breakfast with the rest of the group.  On our agenda today was to visit Little Bay, which was right below the villa.  Felix, concierge-manager extraordinaire, told us that it was one of the most popular spots in Anguilla.  To access the beach though, you had to either climb down a cliff using a rope or get there by boat or kayak.  Well, the adventurous souls that my young friends all were, they decided to take the rope down and go snorkeling.

IMG_8328With everyone opting to go to Little Bay, P and I thought we’d take in a quiet morning at the villa instead.  We lounged about the pool and tried out the hot tub(s).

IMG_8326No, no complaints whatsoever.

IMG_8318A. arrived as we were finishing lunch (delicious curried fish paninis) and our group count reached 15.  A. brought down two suitcases, one for his clothes and one for his cameras and video equipment, which meant there was no need for me to take any photos at all.  Knowing that we had a few semi-professionals with us, all I took with me was my iphone (you can tell which photos are mine by the way, from the obvious quality difference) but I knew I could trust my friends to document all the fun we had.  A. with whom I traveled and hiked in New Zealand last year (I’m seriously so behind in posting), is a fantastic photographer and used this holiday as a chance to practice working with his brand new remote controlled drone.  So sprinkled in the posts from Anguilla there are some amazing photos from A. (aka, A Life Worth Eating) as well as Mr. Merelis, the birthday boy himself.

The whole group chilled out and took it easy for the rest of the day.  I took a quick run and a power nap, the boys played tennis and got lessons from the in-house tennis pro, Denny, the pool table saw some action, cigars were brought out, and Kaira made us her delectable piña coladas.

IMG_8301Could the gorgeous sunny weather continue to bless us the next day?  Yes, it did!  And I did join the whole gang as we went down to Limestone beach after breakfast.  Limestone beach was just a short walk down the road from the villa but we took advantage of the two large golf carts (Felix called them “easy-go’s”) and rolled down to the shore.


OK.  So my typical beach outing involves a bit of preparation and clean-up afterwards.  But during our stay at Ani Villas, all that was required of me was putting on my bathing suit and applying sunblock.  You see, our villa stay came with….  beach butler service!  C.R.A.Z.Y.  Everyday, we picked a beach we wanted to go to and the villa staff sent an advance team to set up all the lounge chairs, coolers of beverages, snorkeling gear, towels, and what have you.  Ummmm.  Yeah.  We felt like rock stars.

904787_10102883538178179_2433029844868952851_o10258853_10102883538332869_2537388421640838137_oWe were the only ones on this small beach and the water looked so inviting that we all headed straight into the ocean.  I think some of us squealed a little from happiness.

10259082_10102883538173189_7312931263051719294_oWe snorkeled

10010358_10102883539730069_4881079949353711233_oand we tried our hands at stand up paddle boards.

1782572_10101247107528312_5672461387982209116_oWho could ask for anything more?  Definitely not me.


*photo credit: A. Goldberg and P. Merelis



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One Response to Did Someone Say “Beach Butler?”

  1. Wow such beautiful pictures. I am from Anguilla so I know our water really is that blue but I guess it is hard to imagine that these beaches are even more beautiful in real life :). We write a blog called My Anguilla Experience and we captured an experience at Little Bay here http://www.myanguillaexperience.com/day-little-bay-anguilla/

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