Hello New York, I Didn’t Know I Missed You.

When I arrived back in New York after an amazing summer away my senses were overwhelmed by what this city threw at me.  Somehow I had managed to forget all about the incredible skyscrapers, the flood of traffic, all the honking, yelling, screeching, bumping, and pushing.  The relentless pace of this great metropolis hit me like a ton of bricks.  I guess spending weeks surrounded by lakes and bike traffic in Scandinavia could do that do a person.

But slowly but surely I’m getting my New York legs back.  It helped that JP and C were in town from Dubai.  They moved only about six months ago and I know that they love it there, but they fully appreciate the uniqueness of New York.  They were the perfect couple to get me back into the swing of things.  JP and C are always up for all the fun and excitement this city has to offer, and they’re full of energy and contagious enthusiasm for life.  Thanks to them I got an invitation to a fabulous New York rooftop party on a gorgeous evening almost as soon as I returned.  A great welcome back gift from their friends that extended to me as well.

IMG_2298Sun going down beyond the Hudson River.

IMG_2299Midtown Manhattan.

IMG_2297Later that evening, after a beautiful meal and many bottles of wine…


I’ve never been homesick.  Maybe it’s because I’m always trying to soak in everything I can wherever I am.  But there is something comforting about smiling up at the the familiar facade of your favorite buildings or being caught in the median on Park Avenue with an endless stream of yellow cabs whizzing by.



A big puddle in front of my apartment building after a storm.

IMG_2296And there is nothing better than having your friends remember and celebrate your birthday with you.

IMG_2286I plan to stay here for a few months to enjoy the glorious autumn weather in New York and to finally update my blog.  I think I have to finish up one more post from way back in May in Anguilla, but after that it will be Spain up to Denmark.  Speaking of this blog, I’ve been using my iphone exclusively for all my photos and I’m rather happy with the images I’m seeing.  I have thousands of pictures to go through and edit, but it looks like a good day to take a stroll outside.  Maybe down to Chinatown or to East Village.  Ah, New York.  I didn’t know I missed you!


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One Response to Hello New York, I Didn’t Know I Missed You.

  1. Thanks again Chris for a wonderful stay in NY. So happy that we were able to spend great quality time together. See you in DUBAI !!

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