The Perfect Last Day in Anguilla: NOW We Can Leave

Sitting here in my apartment in New York, it’s hard to believe that exactly 4 months ago I was in the beautiful waters of Anguilla celebrating K and P’s birthdays.  These photos are proof that I was there but it really does feel a bit like a dream.  For one, we were so well taken care of and pampered by the staff at Ani Villas (thank you again to Felix and his team, who sent us home with gifts ranging from candles to canvas bags) that I know it’s unlikely I’ll ever have another experience quite like it.  And I suppose it’s also because I had a few more adventures over the summer that make it feel as if our stay in Anguilla was a lifetime ago.  I did pack a lot into the last few months.  Funny how malleable our concept of time can be…

Well, let me go back to Anguilla now for the last part of that trip before moving onto my summer.  Our group of normally quiet and peaceful folks put in one crazy fun night before we settled down to our easygoing Caribbean pace again.  That meant more delicious meals from chef Sweets (coconut shrimp!  West Caribbean curry and homemade roti!), morning yoga lessons, lazily floating around and swimming, more cocktails, and naps.

I didn’t take many photos so here are some of A and V’s as a final roundup, including some from A’s drone and other cool camera equipment.  Sadly the drone and the underwater equipment had a mishap on the very last day on the beach and they’re no longer with us, but they gave us these amazing images…

10255646_10102884823083219_6311688879708564031_oAerial view of Ani Villas, including the tennis court.

10333772_10102884822254879_385620670659336248_oMy favorite spot at the villa was the cliff side seating area that jutted out over the water; that’s where the chairs with the red cushions are.  Looks pretty scary from this angle…

10275302_10102883544116279_6935022871895787003_oLove this underwater photo.


Victor’s photos below, my room was on the second floor with the two chairs outside.



Beach picnic day.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome more photos from A (aka, alifewortheating), check out his fantastic instagram photos here and follow him around the world (as of this posting, he has over 330k followers!).

dan_adam sandyisland_adam Anivillas_Adam


That wraps up K & P’s birthday celebration trip to Anguilla.  Tomorrow, it’s Costa del Sol España and the start of my summer of fun in Europe.

One last photo from Anguilla before I go…  This one is mine.


*photo credit: A. Goldberg and V. Li

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2 Responses to The Perfect Last Day in Anguilla: NOW We Can Leave

  1. Truly wonderful – still can’t get over it that we were not able to make it !!

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