Paella and Vino for Everyone!

I am once again basking in the warmth of Southern California.  Knowing full well how cold it is in New York I have no right to complain about the weather here.  It’s beautiful.  But I wake up every single day looking up at the cloudless blue sky and it feels as if I’m living a sunnier version of Groundhog’s Day.  Everyday looks exactly like the previous day and there is no reason to check the weather forecast at all.  Why is there even a weather person on TV?  At least in New York or San Francisco, everyday and sometimes every hour things can change.  But honestly, I’m not complaining.  It’s beautiful.  And this gorgeous weather is taking me back to where I left things off in Spain.  Looking back at the photos, I can hardly believe how much we packed into I ate and drank in a day.

I woke up without a trace of jet lag.  Much like the deep blue skies I’m blessed with here in SoCal, I looked out to a stunning view that morning and started the day with a quick practice.  When I walked out to the patio by the pool, this lovely spread was already waiting for me.

IMG_8526IMG_8528It included plump figs and these adorable paraguyayos (Saturn peaches, also known as donut peaches) that were just perfectly juicy and delicious.  A few days later we spotted a nectarine version (donut nectarines, if you will) that are called plateniras (article in Spanish with photos here).

IMG_8529As I hadn’t seen much of the town of Marbella when I arrived the day before, the good señor took us down to the beach for a stroll and a mid-morning coffee before heading over to check out his golf club.  I made the faux-pas of being underdressed for the golf club so I sneaked in after making sure no one was around.  Oops, lo siento!

We would have lingered but there were bigger plans in the works for the day…

IMG_8533 IMG_8535Over the years I had heard much about G & S’s busy schedule in Marbella but seeing it for myself really impressed me.  There was tennis, golf, Spanish lessons, visitors from near and far, Sunday lunches, weddings, trips up and down Europe, and it went on!  They are such gracious and generous hosts, and they make everything look so easy that all seemed to just flow effortlessly.  Today was no exception.  When we returned from our excursion, preparations were already underway for a large paella luncheon.  Appetizers were made, wine was being chilled, jamon was expertly sliced by señor Jorge, and he also got the grill fired up to cook the paella outside.  If that doesn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will.

IMG_8539 IMG_8551 IMG_8550 IMG_8547 IMG_8544There was enough to feed an army!

IMG_8553Sally’s delectable cucumber and yogurt salad.

IMG_8556 IMG_8554Setting of our lovely luncheon.

IMG_8552Need I say more?

IMG_8555I had the pleasure of dining with some of G & S’s friends most of whom were from the U.K, and were spending the summer in Marbella.  Great food, wonderful Spanish wine, and fabulous company made the afternoon fly.  I think I counted 16 bottles of wine…???

IMG_8568Oh, but there was more…  After all the guests left and we took a much needed siesta, somehow we got back on the patio and thought…  yes, we could have a bite to eat.  And as if by magic boquerones, cheeses, avocado and tomato salad, lovely eggplants, and even salmorejo (thicker, richer version of gazpacho local to Andalucía) appeared, along with this crisp dry jerez.

IMG_8561And of course that torta del casar cheese…  I still dream about it.

IMG_8563This photo does not even come close to capturing how beautiful an evening it was but I’m happy to have relived it today.  Thank you George.  Thank you Sally.  ¡Salud!


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1 Response to Paella and Vino for Everyone!

  1. Wonderful ! Senor Jorge in his element !
    Yes, no need for a weather man here in Dubai either, except these last days, it seems !

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