Breakfast of Champions: Mexican Edition II

I have professed my love of breakfast many times in the past and one of the reasons I decided to stay at a bed and breakfast in Oaxaca was so that I would get a delicious desayuno Oaxaqueño everyday.  Now a week into my month-long stay in Oaxaca, I can say how glad I am I made that decision.

My first morning, I was greeted with this Oaxacan dish called mollete con chorizo.  It was cooked chorizo, some beans, cheese, and fresh salsa on a piece of bread.  The green bits are really spicy peppers and they made me perk up!


The next morning, it was molete de plátanos.  Mashed plantains stuffed with green chiles formed in oblong shapes, served with mole negro and cheese.  I really liked the sweet and savory combination of this dish.

IMG_3499 IMG_3500

Here is something I’ve never head and really enjoyed.  It’s a popular local Oaxacan dish called tlayuda.  You can find this everywhere in this city, all over the zócalo and the markets. This large tortilla is made by hand, and it was filled with cabbage, black beans, chorizo, avocado, tomato, and quesillo (queso Oaxaqueño, delicious stringy cheese).  Unlike the quesadillas I had in the past, the tlayuda was grilled and crispy on the outside.  It was served with homemade tomatillo salsa.


If you’re thinking the portions are huge, well they are.  I have been eating such large breakfasts every morning that I’m rarely hungry until well into the afternoon.  It’s just as well since the big meal of the day, la comida is lunch and I’ve learned to eat around 3PM and forgo having dinner altogether.

Sunday was chilaquiles day.  Crunchy pieces of tortillas topped with a sauce made with guajillo peppers, melted cheese, and shredded chicken.  I really should not have eaten the whole dish but I did…


The hits keep coming!  This was yesterday’s breakfast of burritos packed with scrambled eggs and green beans.  The ladies busily made fresh guacamole in a large molcajete next to the breakfast table just before adding it on top of the burrito.  Oh, and there was some black beans and cheese, too.

IMG_3556I neglected to take a photo of the breakfast area but the kitchen and the dining area are both outdoors in the courtyard.  That means I get to sit right next to where they made the food and watch what goes into each dish.  Maybe the ladies will teach me how they make all these salsas and moles?!  I can’t wait to see what’s waiting for me tomorrow morning.




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2 Responses to Breakfast of Champions: Mexican Edition II

  1. lunasealife says:

    My god! Everything looks AMAZING!!! Nomnomnom.

    • I’m eating as much a I can- I’m sure you can imagine – this region is well known for their food and for artisanal crafts. I’m very happy here but it’s HOT, like January in Buenos Aires hot. I hope you are happy and well! besos y un abrazo fuerte!

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